warning about toliet lid left open...

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  1. halo52208

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    I saw all the post about the kitties getting into the toliet. But the number one reason everyone should keep the lid closed is child endangerment. Years and Years ago when my kids were young, I had read about an article about a toddler drowning in a toliet. Toddlers learning to walk can easliy fall into a toliet because of the weight of their heads. It is very hard for them pull themselves upright if in that position. All it takes is that little bit of water for them to drowned in.

    After hearing about that, we have kept are lids closed all the time. Even though are youngest is 16, you never know when friends will come over with little kids. Plus it does keep any smells in the toliet.

    So please, save a childs life by keeping the lid closed. Or save your kittens life like FMSoldier said.

    Mine likes to watch us shower also, he's such a pervert:)

    They go in the tub to lick the water off the sides and leave dirty prints sometimes.

  2. hugs4evry1

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    I must have seen the same article because I've always kept my toilet lids closed because of it too.

    And I trained hubby for the same thing, same reason so it must have been around 20 years ago that I read that article.


    Nancy B.
  3. halo52208

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    That's how long it's been since I saw it also. That sure does age us. :)

  4. littlebrownwren

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    My dear son now 34 and married, "BUT!

    He has loved for water all his life and would rather be fishing than eat.

    As a little fellow I had make sure the toilet stayed clean and closed and sometime went the extra mile and taped it shut for my own peace of mind.

    He would stick his head in the potty and flush and giggle.
    He though that was just the funniest thing.

    I had to be careful of empty buckets and even potholes in the road.

    Caught him sitting in a 3 gal garbage can with the water hose and the water running just laughing his head off.

    We had one pothole in our street and after a rain he would run and sit in it.

    Because his legs bowed when he first started walking the special shoes he had to wear were expensive. But he always managed to get them wet.

    He jumped into the lake on us twice with us sitting right next to him. I grabbed him and pulled him out and he was spitting and laughing.
    That was it, from then own when around a body of water he wore a life jacket.

    So kiddies who love water will find a way to get in it.
    So lock it up, tape it, cover it or whatever it takes to protect them from their fancy with water. They do eventually grow up and at least don't stick their head in the potty any more.


  5. bettydroop

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    Yes Wren, they DO grow up and out of it dont they...Well... at least until college maybe!!!! LOL.
  6. Mikie

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    To leave toilet seats open. Wealth can go right down the drain.

    Also, toilets should never be flushed with the lid open. It can spray bacteria all over the bathroom, including on toothbrushes in toothbrush holders. ACK!

    Love, Mikie
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    Boy, your son sure kept you busy. Yes It was funny and serious. I think you handled it like a trooper.

    I've never had that with my son but he swims like a frog. Yet none of my kids ever had swimming lessons, they learned from their friends and themselves. He's always doing crazy things at the pool.

  8. halo52208

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    I never knew that about the toliets, I'll be closing the lid first from now on. Eeewwwwwwwwww

  9. Cromwell

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    That is areally good point. Also a child drwowned in a pail that had like 3inches of water in it, head jammed face down.

    Scary stuff. I also want to add that those with young children, bolt to wall tv cabinets and strap down tvs. A neighbor's 3 year old died when she pulled the cabinet on top of her.

    Re toilet seats. I do understand there is an automatic closing one works by activating magnets or something. It has like long hinges at the back and the seat gently folds down. I think when you are sitting it stays up but if men use toilet they have to hold it open or P in two mins or something like that. I saw this on TV years ago, I wonder if they still make them. If not, they should!

    Love Anne C
  10. JLH

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    When my cat was a kitten, she DID happen to jump from the side of the bathtub into the open toilet bowl -- thank goodness the water was clean! LOL

    I was lucky enough to be in the bathroom (that's why she was there!) and grabbed her immediately! My DH had left the lid up.

    I have to go behind him all the time putting the seat DOWN as well as the lid down. He never learns, even after the kitty almost drown.

    I'm just waiting for the day for him to have to sit down on the toilet and forget to look that the seat it up--hope he sits down on an ice cold toilet bowl!!! LOL It will never happen I know, but I would love to find a way to force him to put the seat down as well as the lid each time he uses it!!

    Besides the safety factor, I think there is not much uglier than an open toliet!! Yuck! Ugh!