Warning! Checking Acct Fraud

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaminhealth, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    Jam - So sorry to hear about your identity theft, on your bank account. We did have someone use our credit card at one time but it was caught early. It is a major pain and worry and you have to change accounts whether credit card or bank acct.

    Hope all gets cleared up soon for you.

    Diane - We too got Life Lock . We too are very careful about our accounts and things. It is a shame that some are becoming so desperate they have to resort to this kind of theft and fraud. :(

    Hugz to you and all,
    Granni :)
  2. jaminhealth

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    Just talked to a friend about my banking mess and the $500 DWP (water dept) withdrawal, and she said not long ago someone charged a $400 amount on her Chase card also for the DWP bill.. ummmmmmm

    The card company reversed it promptly.
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    I find this interesting...many frauds seem to be committed for the payment of utility bills. I've had that happen, too. Makes me wonder if the highjacking of credit cards is via people that process payments for utility companies.

    Not many years ago, most major credit card companies had a major push to "inspire" cardholders to purchase credit card protection. But, then the cardholders became "enlightened"...we're not responsible for anything over $50. I've never had a credit card company force me to pay even that when I've had problems.

    Do I trust Life Lock? Not much...but then I'm a major skeptic (not sure if this is a flaw or not). In today's corrupt business world, I wouldn't be surprised of they had hackers themselves to encourage new users.

    I don't trust PayPal much either. They constantly want your checking account information. Heck, if you're using a credit card, that should be sufficient. But, they set a limit on what you can charge on a CC and "require" a checking number. I talked to my bank and we set up a small separate account. That satisfied PP, but if I use PayPal, I "change" the billing to my CC. PayPal doesn't need to have my checking information...that's personal and private!!!

    The only bills I pay "on line" are taxes. I refuse to have every Tom, Dick or Harriet computer wiz have my banking information. I use the old-fashion method...I write a check (using "safe" ink).

    Okay...climbing off my soapbox.:rolleyes:
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    Windy, I now go into my account ON LINE and check activity, NEVER did this before, trusted the bank I was with for many years.....I'm still cleaning up the mess.

    I am actually considering paying 2 bills online as there are still 2 lost checks floating around in the mail system....that account is NOW closed but so much damage has been done....with what has gone on...

    Would NEVER use paypal and so far buying my supps and whatever else online, my credit card has been good, overworked, but good....

    As I said, too many desperates out there and working this system for their bills.