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  1. mrpain

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    Somehow I figured somebody would. It's kind of like in the old days when the sign said, "Keep off the grass"; but that made people want to walk on it. Well let me warn you again.
    If your looking for some hard hitting information, this isn't it. This is just some thoughts shared out loud, and it's kind of long......

    I was reading some articles a while back, and they concluded that maybe we weren't obeying the nutritional signs for the body. That maybe we weren't eating right or treating our bodies correctly with rest, nutrition, sleep, & exercise etc....

    In quest to learn and understand as much as possible, (and my brainfog mind trying to think); these questions pop up.
    Is it lack of nutrition, vitamins, supplements, and eating proper? Is it due to sleeping problems? Is it our lifestyles? Is it the genes that were handed down to us? And why does it affect one and not the other?

    Is it a virus that has entered into our bodies? Is it airborne? (It's very confusing)
    ...And why all of the sudden in the last 30 years or so, has so many come down with this so called strange disease?

    If we are not eating right, then how can it be explained to the people who eat worse than us, but are not sick. If it's lack of vitamins & supplements, then that opens up a barrage of questions. If it's a sleeping problem, then a sleeping answer would be the cure and the final answer.

    If it's our lifestyle, that couldn't be the answer, because this dd hits all lifestyles. If it's a gene, then why does it affect one person and not the other who has the gene? If it's a virus or something as such, then what does that have to do with the lack of vitamins, supplements, and our eating habits?

    Well I surely don't know but if you can help me connect the dots, I'm willing to learn. Maybe I'm too brain-dead to understand, but I'm crazy enough to give it a try!
  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I knew it was going to be one of those "gotcha" type of threads...had to peek.

    I'll tell ya what I think and you can go from there...

    Typical German grocery store has a fresh bakery, a meat counter for fresh meats (and a wonderful coffee stand too but that's beside the point) They even have pasta stores too with wine sold beside it.

    They have many, many aisles of fresh fruits and veggies, a huge section of wine and beer and very little in between. Their cold section has aisles of fresh yogurts and cheeses too.

    Come to think of it, it's not just German grocery stores but many others I've been in too. France, Bahrain, Iceland etc...

    American grocery stores have aisles and aisles of crap...cereal, chips, junk food, canned foods, box potatoes, aisles of frozen processed crap in every available flavor.

    Should I add soda here too and the crap they add to diet foods?

    This is NOT food!!! Our bodies don't know how to process it and it will never nourish us as our bodies need. Americans would be a bit healthier if they only shopped from the outer edges of the store.

    Add to that.....ready for this? Flouride is a poison!!!! Yep, flouride is a poison and it's in our drinking water and toothpaste just to make sure we get some every day. (And our gov't knew it when they added it)

    For more information on Flouride as a poison, I got my hypothyroid e-mail from About.com but I don't know how to copy and paste the info without the adds and stuff. And yes, they now think flouride causes thyroid problems!!

    As I've mentioned before, we cook with non-stick pans that kill pet birds if overheated in the same house. How is that good for our bodies. Poison is poison...

    Let's also add that back in the 30's or 40's (can't remember off hand) they were arguing in Congress that our soils are depleted and will no longer give the proper nutrients that our bodies need. (From the book, The Miracle of Magnesium)

    Americans have fewer vacation days than most countries and when they do take a break, they take the laptop, blackberry and cell to make sure they stay in touch. They just don't KNOW how to relax anymore!!!

    When they finally find the reason for our DD and probably a host of others, it's going to be VERY BASIC....too many of us are sick from all over the country.

    Stess is going to be another factor that is attributed to Americans especially. We live a stressful lifestyle and it's wearing on our bodies. (Too many statistics to mention) Unless you've really traveled and seen how others live, you'll probably never really "get it" (Just a truth here)

    So this is my theory but I'm not expecting the government to ever fess up to the problems they've created and hidden.

    I wonder if we ask our friends from around the world if others around them are ill with this too?


    Nancy B.
  3. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Womens coursicty I guess. For me I think it was the stress that did me in. It might have started when the mack truck hit me from behind but I was a single mother and only had so much vacation time or sick time so sucked up the pain and did what needed to be done for my kids. As I look back I see a lot of areas in my life that instead of expressing my pain or showing my pain I just once again sucked it up.

    Now while I think stress is part of Fibro I don't think it is the couse of Fibro. It is the way we deal with stress. Some of us eat things we know we shouldn't, some of us drink so we don't have to face things there are all kinds of ways to hide from you problem. However I think that eventually it catches up with us. Thus Firbro or CFS. The move research that is being done is showing that it has something to do with our brain receptors and our brain receptors. They say the Fibro and CFS shows up in our brian wave high then a normal person that is given the same pain test.

    Sleeping is another big one cause if we don't get enough of the right kind of sleep our body does not have the time it needs to help heal the body. Once again what keeps you awake for hours is either the pain or your mind is racing about what you didn't get done today or what you need to do the next day.

    Me personally I think stress is the real problem and how we handle it. Till then I think this will continue on. However that is just my humble opinion. I've only had it for two years and there are so many more on here that are better educated about this DD.......SueF
  4. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    brooksiemom; I agree with you about the American stores having a lot of unhealthy foods in it, but we're not the only country who is suffering from this illness. And there are many right here in our country eating the same foods that we are and sometimes even worse, but are not getting sick.. But you have a point and I'm not disagreeing that we need to eat better.

    stormyskye; As usual, you give us a lot to ponder on...I'll have to re-read it again tomorrow because my brain says it's time to hit the sack... It's brain-dead city inside my head. One a/m here! Put out the cat and pull the shades and turn out the lights!

    sfrazier- the only thing about deprived sleep is that it's been going on forever, and people weren't getting fibro or cfs... it may be part of the whole package though, just as stress is and many other things. Good to hear from you!

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  5. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    This is an interesting topic although it has been discussed over and over again.
    I believe in genetic predisposition, then a trigger and then contributing factors. I agree with Stormy on how important diet and sleep are.
    But I won't necessarily say that Americans has the most stressful lives of all, this is going off the point a bit but a big part of my family has already immigrated to the US and they say that they will never come back because their quality of life there is so much better.
    Although they miss their own country and people and language and traditions they have been there for 5 years now and only come a few times a year to visit, and if anything they are less stressed than when they were living here.

    I have heard about all the junkfood there, but it is up to you if you want to buy it, isn't it?
    It is also very important to take good supplements, preferably pharmaceutical grade otherwise you never know what you might be taking, and I know this because I'm in that business.
    I think that for everybody it is something different and that you have to really listen to your body to find what will work for you.

    I have tried almost everything that I have read on this board and as we all know what may perform miracles for one person won't do squat for someone else, that is why I don't think we can pinpoint this disease to any one thing.
    It is so complicated and so huge that most of the time I can't even wrap my brain around it, all I do is just try to concentrate on living a healthy balanced life and doing what works for me, and it has taken me 9 years to find that out and I'm still learning as I go along.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I would never say that Americans are the only ones getting sick with this illness. But we do eat more crap per capita than almost any other country on the planet.

    Did you know that our own American fast food restaurants are NOT created equal all over the planet? Nothing in most European countries is going to be fried in anything but Olive Oil whether it's Kentucky Fried Chicken or MickyD's.

    Much more stringent rules for all of the fast food places around the globe than in the US. That's because other countries demand better ingredients and won't allow those fast food companies in unless they adhere to the rules.

    And most of all........I've never eaten healthy in my life until I started trying harder these past few months!!!!!!!!!

    I've been really, really sick here for the last 2 years so much of this is just beginning to sink in with me. And trust me, I still love my junk food. You should see my nightstand!

    I've been one of those people (until the hypothyroid) who could eat anything and never gain weight. So I did, I ate anything and everything even at some point knowing what it must be doing to the "inside" of my body.

    I'm not saying junk food is the only reason, but I do believe that so many of the American chemicals and processes that are done to our foods have a detrimental affect on our bodies. I don't see how they can be nutritious enough to run our bodies. It would be like putting canola oil in our cars and expecting them to drive just fine and dandy.

    And also....American products are showing up all over the globe. It won't be long, just as I've watched other countries find a weight problem as American Eateries were added to their culture.

    All I'm asking is for those of us old enough...think back to when you were healthy and it may be way back to childhood. Meats were wrapped in paper, not styrofoam and plastic. We drank from jelly jars, not plastic, etc....

    Stormy says things so much better than I do...(Her brain's been working better much longer than mine has)

    I also know I was completely and disgustingly healthy until I had Toxic Shock Syndrome when I was 18 and almost died from it. That was my "trigger".

    Environmental triggers will also play a roll as will other things. (Geez, there goes my brain so I'll stop now)

    Hugs and peace all,

  7. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I think I've had FMS for a long time. Not severe but always there. Two years ago I contracted a really bad stomach virus, and the next day I was in agony with my back.

    That lasted several months. Now I'm into constant roving pain with the occasional spot flaring up for an extended period of time.

    I wonder if it's just that FM is getting much more noticed in it's own right. I wouldn't doubt that many years ago, people were lumped in with the arthritis/tendonitis group. For women, I'm sure it was considered severe menopause.


  8. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    people in the world are on this message broad. If the people who disbelieve our illness would only read the post on this board, seems to me they would be amazed and have to ask themselves WHY are these people so informed. Could it possibly be that they are soooo sick and disperate that they spent so much of their time and energy researching to find the answer to health and well being. duh!
    Love Ya, Barb
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  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    He had a lung removed in 1934 he was born in 1900. They told him if he kept working at the foundry.Drinking his morning beer ( Yes Morning) smoking his pipe.He would not live more than 10 yrs.

    Well my pep as I called him worked in the foundry till he was 78 .Had a beer in the am with a raw egg in it for breakfast all those years.

    Smoked his pipe .Had salt pork sandwiches for lunch.

    He never had any pain .He died at 99 in his sleep.

    Now tell me why did they have no problems .They ate badly smoked a lot drank a lot took no supplements .

    And yes he did have the bad stuff he was breathing in the foundry air every day 7 days a week.And he ate a lot of things JUNK chips fries greasy burgers.

  10. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    Wow! Some great responses...I had to re-read everything today because last night I was going on one brain cell; and it was foggy..

    Stormyskye- can you elaborate on two things you said? Explain what you mean by growing something in your backyard and it being genetically modified. My brain won't wrap around that right now. (And I've doubled my brain cell power from last night! Of course that comes to two)..

    And about the trigger can be many things, and one that you mentioned was the actual "cause".. What did you mean by actual cause?
  11. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    Have you ever thought of hosting a television show? Seriously! You could have a TV show selling Pro Health products while educating millions of people with your knowledge....The show would be a hugh success..

    I might have asked this before, but where did you learn all that you have. Did you pick it up on your own or take classes?
  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Posts here and is willing to share her knowledge with people too sick to "get it" most of the time. (Including me!!!)

    But she's here, she's still posting and she hasn't given up on us.

    Also wanted to add that our doc is now telling hubby that he has CFS too....still ignoring the positive Lyme test and the pos EBV.

    Just wanted to mention this because this guy was a machine once upon a time. Athletic, extremely intelligent and now he's sick just like the rest of us. (Daughter has FM too)

    Please don't count healthy people out of the equation...this is and has always been why I truly believe that when they finally get to the bottom of this, it will be a cause so basic that we're all susceptable.


    Nancy B
  13. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    brooksiemom; we're blessed to have her helping us and sharing her wealth of information with us. But if she had a television show on health and health products, she could reach the masses which would probably be mostly sick people who watch health programs trying to get well...and also healthy people trying to stay healthy..

    while selling pro health products which helps fund the fibromyalgia cause..which may help to find a cure...
  14. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    I believe that the tests show past and present. Rather than a positive or negative for antibodies, you will receive a 'high' or normal. Many of us have tested quite high for several.

    I have tested high for EBV (chronic and current), HHV6 (chronic), mycoplasma, c.pneumoniae, and candida.

    I am a strong believer that we cannot get well without addressing these underlying problems. However, I have not seen any progress yet, but am hopeful. I have been taking antivirals only for 1 mth. I have a long way to go- plan to attack the bacterial in a few weeks.
  15. BethM

    BethM New Member

    I have to believe there is a familial link to fibro. My mother and I have it, one of my sisters has a mild case, and a first cousin on my dad's side has it. My cousin and I are about the same age, related because our fathers were brothers. I suspect one of my sons has it also.

    My cousin believes her father has had fibro and maybe CFS most of his life, but it has never been diagnosed. She has enough of a fibro problem to be on partial disability.

    My cousin and I grew up on opposite coasts, in VERY different circumstances. So, I think the link, or at least the tendency, is genetic.

    I also believe that severe stress can impact the immune system enough to allow the fibro factors to gain enough of a foothold to become a significant problem. I experienced a severe stress around 1998-99, and the fibro problems have escalated since.

    I have no idea what causes the actual illness, probably a variety of agents.

    I do believe, as Stormy has said, that the body CAN heal itself, given the chance. It's a huge committment to make the necessary changes, most of which are incompatible with the 'normal' daily life of most Americans.

    A 'clean' and healthful diet, relaxation and 'down time', quality rest and sleep, avoiding the 'high anxiety' and 'drama' that is part of most people's daily life is all so necessary to health and well being for anyone, and moreso for us.

    That said, it's a tall order to do all that in today's world. Just watching the news can be stressful!

    Someday answers will be found, maybe in my lifetime. I hope so.

    My philosophical 2.5 cents,

  16. Malen

    Malen New Member

    My take on this is that no two bodies are the same. Look at food allergies as an example. Medical science doesn't know why one person can eat peanuts until they explode and another can die just from eating food processed near peanuts.

    All bodies are NOT the same, never have been never will be.

    And as complex as our body systems are, and as complex as Fibro and CFS are, there will never, ever be a 'magic bullet' to cure them nor will there be one common cause in the long run.

    Not fun to hear, but realistic.

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