Warning on moles and growths

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    Following the post on moles and growths, I have always had flat and fleshy moles, and in the past have had two removed because of changed colour, shape and started itching.

    My youngest sister, Jeanette, died from malignant melanoma at the age of 39 because of a changing mole that she didn't take notice of, and because she left it, it went too deep. She died three and half years later, leaving behind three and half year old. It had developed whilst she was pregnant, which also leaves her daughter at risk. My own chances of developing melanoma went from 1:400 to 1:4!!!!!!

    If it itches, get it checked. If it has the slightest speck of change of colour, get it checked. If it changes shape, get it checked. The medics can always give you the all clear however they can't reverse any damage already done. They can call us paranoid, but when we are dx'd, we can't say 'didn't think you would believe me'. Shocking, but that's what we we've been trained to do with the FMS/CFS, but at least moles etc are tangible and visible.

    Don't delay, make that appointment today.