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    Here I go again with a wild, weird and crazy post. I just didn't know where else to ask this. I have mustered up the courage to ask one of my old doctors this once and he just dimissed it. I have looked on the internet too, but it seems all I find are scams.

    Anyway, I have a theory about orgasms in women. I think that the reason some women may have a problem with it is the size of the clitoris. If it is really tiny or hooded it is harder to stimulate. I have always had this problem and I think that if I solved it I might get more interested in sex with my husband. Then I would only need to get him more interested!! LOL!

    I read on a site about clitoris size that women can use a 3% testosterone cream applied to that area and it will not only help with sex drive but increase the size. I looked on alot of the online pharmacies that you don't have to have a prescription and none of them had it. Several other sites have a natural cream that is not prescription, but I think these are just scams like with the over the counter diet scams you hear about. It claims they have natuaral testosterone. I would like to find the prescription kind and I probably won't get the courage to ask another doctor.

    If anyone knows where you can buy it without a prescription please let me know. As long as it is a legal site. I don't want to order any other kind of prescription drugs online. I am a little wary of that and they are outrageously expensive. I am willing to get that cream if it helps though. LOL!

    I hope I didn't offend anyone. I also hope no men read this.
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    I don't know whether testosterone has anything to do wtih the size of the clitoris, but it definitely has something to do with one's sexual response and is also important for other reasons.

    My doctor recently tested all my hormone levels and found that my testosterone levels were so low, they couldn't detect any.

    One reason testosterone is so important (apart from sexual reaponse) is that it helps build or keep muscle mass and my doctor said I would lose muscle if I don't increase my levels. I may have been losing muscle already.

    You do want to monitor your levels because too much testosterone, of course, is not good and can cause other problems, so you shouldn't get the cream unless you do need it.

    So you can ask your doctor to test your levels. You don't have to talk about the size of your clitoris or anything like that, there are oither reasons to do it.
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    Hi all,

    I don't know much about the relationship between testosterone and the size of the clitoris. Sounds a bit intriguing.

    I would definately have your hormone levels checked first. If you throw off your hormone balance you may end up w/ other issues.

    My husband takes prescription Testosterone. He applies it as a cream alternating application sites between arms, torso, and thighs. It is highly absorptive. It has made a huge difference in our lives. Beyond the sexual implications as well. His mood is better, much happier!

    Good Luck w/it!

    p.s. the prescription is expensive.
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    Thanks for all of the advice!! I will let you know if I work up the nerve to ask another doctor.

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    women who had success with improved libido using the
    testosterone cream. There is NOTHING to be shy about on this subject if you are an adult . Talk to your GYNO .

    I can ASSURE you that HE/SHE discusses this particular subject with patients FREQUENTLY . It is a VERY common issue .

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    Don't worry about working up the nerve to ask your gynocologist----they've heard it all, and will be very familiar with this and ready to advise you, write prescription, etc.

    DON'T, however, just acquire some online and start to use it---I recently found out I have too much testosterone, not too little. It's dangerous to start monkeying with hormones if you aren't sure what you lack and/or have too much of; as someone else said, it's a delicate balance. You really want to know what you're dealing with.

    Good luck to you!

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    A certain toy has helped solve our problems. The best 20 bucks I ever spent and I got it at Brookstone. It is a small personal massager. My husband loves it. It is the gift that keeps on giving! Good Luck! Lynn
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    Trust me, I have plenty of toys. They are they only way I have ever been able to. It is not in my head and I have truly tried everything to do it without an "aid". I have read several books and even saw on the Dr Drew show the other night that most women can only have an orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation. They can also have one with g spot. I am positive that it either has something to do with size or hooding. Manual stimulation has never given enough sensation. The big guns are needed. LOL!! I just would like to have one without heavy artillery just once in my life.

    LOL!! I sure wouldn't want to turn into a man either. The things I have read said you would only use a small amount of the cream. If you know the correct amount it wouldn't be enough to cause hair growth or other male attributes. It just helps libido and increases size in clitoris to help people get to theirs easier. LOL! The only problem would be to know how much to use without causing hair to grow. I would definitely only use a small amount. Don't want to turn into chewbacca.

    Here is some things that I found that made me start this thread.

    The hooded clitoris

    This condition is found in a small number of clitorises. All women have a hood or prepuce which covers their clitoral glans (the smooth pearl on the end of the clitoris). The hood is usually retractable when you pull up on the inner lips of the vulva, or labiae minorae. But women with a ‘hooded’ clitoris have a thickened membrane that covers the pearl, and it may not be retractable. There is a similar condition in men where the foreskin adheres to the glans and does not separate naturally by adolescence. Often, before discovering the condition, a woman reports such problems as dulled sensation, no orgasms or complaints from partners who have been unable to stimulate the clitoris and bring their partner to orgasm. Because most women require direct or indirect clitoral stimulation to reach a climax, having a hood can be a problem for pleasure and especially for reaching orgasm.
    This condition can become a difficulty for women of all ages. The issue is how it affects your sexuality, your sense of self as a woman and your sexual response. If, up till now, you have never experienced troubles in that department, that's pretty good. But if this has been a lifelong issue which has lessened your sexual pleasure, alone or with a lover, then you might wan to consider your options.

    There are some women, again a rare few, who place their clitoris in a small Vacuum device to draw blood into the clitoris causing it to temporarily swell and increased in sensitivity. This is similar to what some men do when engaging in vacuum pumping, a vacuum cleaner isn't used for this. If done carefully and cautiously this can be a
    pleasurable experience for a woman. If done often, permanent enlargement can result, so I gather.

    While perhaps very rare, some women desire a larger clitoris and use steriodal creams and other forms of Steroids to cause this result. While perhaps a form of penis envy, it can also just be a believe that bigger is better. Since the clitoris is made up of the same tissues as the male penis, it is sensitive to testosterone. If exposed to increased levels of testosterone, the clitoris will become larger and take on the shape of a male penis, minus the urethra, and the woman will experience pronounced erections. The younger a woman is when she does this, the larger her clitoris will become, heredity place a part in this to. Steroids will also cause the clitoris to become much more sensitive to stimulation, perhaps too sensitive.

    Question: What can I do my self to make my clitoris larger and stay that size? Mine is too small.
    Answer: Unfortunately, the only ways I know of to enlarge the clitoris are vacuum pumping and by the use of the hormone testosterone. Pumping takes time and patience and I am not sure how much enlargement you can expect. Testosterone requires a doctor's prescription and they are often times reluctant to prescribe it because they do not know how too and do not understand the risks. You might check around to see if a doctor will prescribe you a testosterone cream, 1-3% testosterone, to increase your sensitivity to sexual stimulation. When it is applied too often or in too high a dosage increased clitoral size and pubic hair occurs. Oral testosterone will also have the same affect, but it affects the body in additional ways, including increasing a woman's desire for sex. Some or most of the increase in size you experience will be permanent. When you stop using the testosterone there will be some decrease in size, and your clitoral erections may not be as pronounced.

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    can affect your ability to have an orgasm. Anti-depressants are notorious for this. While I was taking Cymbalta I was unable to have an orgasm and so that is why I quit taking it. I was never one who could reach orgasm easily, but I couldn't get there at all while I was taking the Cymbalta. When I stopped taking it, I was able to have them.

    I firmly believe that the ability to orgasm is 99% mental. When my head is not in the right place (I am distracted or whatever) I cannot have an orgasm no matter how much stimulation I get.