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    I like many here, try many natural remedies prior to RX'es, and especially after hearing good results from members. I combine herbs, supp, and homeopathic meds with prescription meds.

    We must all remember that because something is "natural" does not mean that is cannot have side effects, and contra-indications. Natural herbs after all are made up of chemical compounds, just as prescription meds are. Part of the problem is that....these aspects of herbs and supplements are usually very difficult to find. I know most here research before trying new treatments. Most of the contra-indications and side effects are herbs are not clearly found like they are with prescription meds. Usually with prescription meds one can find the side effects and contraindications within the first 1-10 hits on a web search. In searching herbs, and natural remedies, it can take going through hours of hits to find the adverse. They are not well documented.

    This last weekend a member was asking about olive leaf extract for her mother, and listed some of the meds she was on. I too, have been interested in olive leaf extract....low and behold after hours of searching I came across the following info, I have pasted below. By chance, the member's mother was on blood thinners, and I am on hypertension meds for high blood pressure. It even mentions diabetic meds.

    My point is this....because something is natural does not mean it will always be safe for you. The first 30 or 40 hits one finds in Web searches usually are filled with the benefits of a certain herb or product. Please, as with prescription meds, research thoroughly anything you intend to add to your treatment regime. If you are going to be experimenting with various substances for your disorders (which I have found necessary) invest in an extensive herbal or botanical encyclopedia---research thoroughly online. There are many herbs and supplements when used in combination of eachother, or prescription meds, that can be very damaging. Please be safe.

    Best wishes in our quest for wellness,

    Contradictions to OLE 04/22/03 01:00 PM
    Example: which took hours to find

    Known Drug Interactions
    Olive leaf may potentiate the effects of blood pressure lowering medications and theoretically may interact with antidiabetic medications due to its potential to affect glucose levels. Further, this herb may interact with drugs that inhibit blood clotting and platelet aggregation, including but not limited to warfarin (Coumadin®), heparin, clopidogrel (Plavix®), pentoxifylline (Trental®), and aspirin, due to its potential effects in encouraging healthy blood formation and blood flow. Before using this formula, talk with your healthcare professional if you take any medications.* Source: Centerfornaturalhealing

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    What you say is absolutely right. One must always do research first, or seek professional help if in doubt.

    My daughter and I have benefitted greatly from Olive Leaf Extract and are not on any medication from the doctor.

    I also think most drugs used long term are often treating the symptoms not the cause... Leading onto further complications.

    If more of us had seen a Herbalist or Homeopathist in early days instead of relying on the doctor, maybe we wouldn`t be this ill !!!

    Thanks again, great post Layinglow

    Love Pat.
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    I am very fortunate to have found a D.O. early on---
    He has so much knowledge accrued, and very much appreciates pro-active patients.

    I do agree with you that many of our symptoms need addressing in regards to the cause. Treating symptoms instead of repairing the downed systems, toxins, and pathogens, is of little use, and only continues a detrimental process.

    There are, in my opinion, aspects of these DD's, that we cannot "fix" though, but merely manage. These are the CNS related injuries that have been found on PET and SPECT.
    That is the challenge I now face, as I have repaired many downed systems, due to fungal overgrowth, bacteria, etc. I am having to experiment though, to treat the Central Nervous System symptoms---and finding safe methods of doing so is paramount.

    Best wishes, LL

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    types of healing, especially homeopathy, but also many others for over 30 years. i have had this DD for 23 years.
    despite using natural healing methods.
    my rough conclusion is that my illness is caused by unnatural causes and sadly i have needed conventional drugs to save my life on 3 occasions. or perhaps i should say i am lucky because my life has been saved, sadly though my health was devastated.

    i currently use as much of the natural options as i can , while having an open mind to take on meds that are essential because there is nothing else available like prescription painkillers.
    i hope you don't mind me joining in with my comments.

    i was pleased to see this post because it is hard to find info on the inter-actions of different meds let alone natural and the conventional meds.

    it was a huge step for me years ago to accept that i needed the help of conventional doctors but really its a matter of finding the answers wherever they are.


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    I totally agree with you. There have been many instances in my treatment regime, when natural was the best alternative for me. There have been as many other times when symptoms or infections, etc. could not be remedied by natural means and I had to resort to pharmeceuticals. As a matter of fact my treatment regime is about 50-50, right now.

    There is just so little research out there, when it comes to combining pharmeceuticals and herbs/supps....that I think it warrants much more diligence on our part. One could even include the mixing of various herbs in that statement. We must be very careful of these chemical compounds, too.

    Thanks for your input--LL
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    I agree with you! I took valerian root to relaxe me and help me sleep AND it made me feel more awful then I had already felt and i had only taken it twice!! Even though they are natural remedies, we are still human! Our bodies will still react! Thats like food.. some people cant have peanuts and others can becuase our bodies react diffrently. so i agree. peace..ZOe
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    I did not realize it took you hours to find this info..What diligence? Thank you so much for that...I wish there was a specific reference one could rely on for that need...

    I have heard of people using particular herbs that caused them such liver damage they had to have a liver transplant..So, I have seen the need to check out such before mixing with other herbs/vitamins/prescribed meds..
    I just wish we had a really reliable source for it..

    I am, now, warning people about mixing the Heparin with the Olive Leaf Extract..like you I did come across some saying that OLE was not a problem at all in that regard..

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    I am Bumping this up....as we had another problem on the board today, with mixing an herb with a med that is contraindicated today, and can be very dangerous. Thankfully only one dose was taken.

    I am so concerned that due to the little research on drug and herb interactions, that someone will have serious consequences.

    Please check extensively when introducing new meds and herbs.

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    This is very valuable info, and you are right; people need to give the same respect to supplements as they do to Rx's in terms of adverse interactions.

    Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
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    Neurontin has its own receptor in the central nervous system, however it is blocked by magnesium. Do not take magnesium while taking Neurontin.