warning re neck manipulations (chiro)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by coolma, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. coolma

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    if you suffer any degenerative disc disease in the neck and try to have neck manipulations from a chiropractor it will give you more pain than you ever thought of before!

    I've been there, and I never experienced anything so bad afterwards as from a neck alingment/adjustment. The pain was excruitiating. For days. However, I do have degenerative disc disease.

    Info on the Atlas Profilax certainly sounds like it helps some and I am sure that it may. BUT you must be aware of your own individual situation and what your body can take before you try ANYTHING new. Just be very careful with the neck and spine and any treatments you get.
  2. GroundHogDay

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    you most be careful with your neck and spine but every morning I wake up extremely tired and looking for that bus that ran me over yesterday. [This Message was Edited on 04/15/2007]
  3. Didoe

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    my discs are badly degenerated, compression and neck cannot turn either direction very far. chiro tried for 2 weeks to adjust neck and couldnt do it; he left me half adjusted and in more pain as if he moved something and its stuck now, neck shoulder blades, down back, shooting pains non stop.
    then he was using this pile driver 'massage' machine because i couldnt handle adjustments, the machine was suppsoed to 'loosen' me up.
    you know what? never mind...i've really changed my mind on chiropractic.
  4. obrnlc

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    hi coolma, thanks for the warning, made me think twice before seeing a chiro, and i'm sure will help alot of others.
    researching this after seeing your post i found incidences on line of severing arteries, etc. when you have all of these extra bone spurs, etc.
    thanks and have a great week end!--L
  5. TXFMmom

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    My neck is inoperable, and my only real source of relief in facet joint injections but the steroids involved caused me real problems.

    Once, they arranged for a chiropractor, a special one, to do a manipulation after I had the injections, while sedated, and they did it, after having received sedation for three days in a row. It DID NOT HURT.

    The muscles were relaxed enough for him to manipulate the spine and get it aligned without pressure and my neck felt GREAT.

    However, the insurance will not pay for it.
  6. coolma

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    I guess if we could get steroid injections and put us out we might be able to take a few things! Good grief. I know though, we search until we find anything to ease the pain. I feel for anyone with neck pain. Just be very careful.
  7. Jennifer

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    This is a little on the same subject. I went to get a full body massage. I have bad R.A. and fibro and my knees are horrible, along with my hips. She hurt my right knee so much , it goes out on me so bad. Both were bad before but now horrible. I so wish I had not done that. My Mom*s knee gave out and she broke her knee and her hip. Had 8 hip surgeries. Hope this will help someone, before this happens to them. Take Care, Sherry
  8. coolma

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    I think this is beneficial to hear your replies - and, I feel so badly for anyone who has been made worse by treatments. You never know how it will affect you - best thing is to go lightly and slowly on any treatment.