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    While reading another message board, I came across the following info, that could be helpful to the Ebay sellers on this board.

    The poster on this other board was selling a relatively expensive item on Ebay and got the following request from a prospective buyer (with 0 feedback):

    "HI. I need to buy for a friend. Could you ship to that address?
    thanks for your time =)"

    Sounds harmless enough - maybe they are simply gift shopping. But, after several replies to the topic another Ebay seller responded that he had received the SAME request from a buyer (also with 0 feedback)- same EXACT wording.

    Another poster said that if you Google:

    "I need to buy for a friend" "Could you ship to that address?"

    it brings back a number of results - all Ebay. And oddly, all those search results are from international Ebay sites.

    So sellers beware if you get a request like this from a prospective buyer with 0 feedback. It may be a scam.

    Checks and money orders can initially clear, then come back to bite you on the butt. On top of that, he wants you to ship it to a temporary drop site(his "friend's house") instead of his own address. If something goes wrong, you will find out his "friend" either lives in an abandoned house or a mailbox company.

    If you get a request like this and find it suspicious, you could always ask them to wire you the cash via western union and see how/if they respond.

    To clarify a little...you may get requests to ship to another location that DON'T look suspicious. Someone with lots of good feedback, and even an explanation why. And with the holidays approaching, some people may prefer to shop this way to save themselves the extra shipping cost. But "I need to buy for a friend. Could you ship to that address?" in THOSE words, with 0 feedback...I would be wary.

    There are so may scammers out there these days who are very good at what they do. Ebay must be like a big scammer's wonderland for people like this. Anything you desire at your fingertips, and the ability to scam unsuspecting sellers 24/7 from the comfort of home.

    Knowing that there are several Ebay sellers here, I thought I would just give you a heads-up.
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    But I paid immediatly and had 100% possitive feedback.

    Elaine- I remember the pants lady!!! Good for you that you blocked her!!


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