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    I have suffered from warts now for a good few years but they seem to have got worse.

    I also have little tiny red bumps as well. I am attending a herbalist who is trying to get my immune system improved
    but so far she hasnt.

    I am taking Dandelian tea at present in the hope it will stop the virus. I hate the thought of going to a specialist and getting them removed as I did get some done years ago and they grew back again.

    They are mainly around my tummy and under my arms but they a re appearing now on my legs as well.

    I am putting Tea Tree on them and covering them with a plaster but the plasters are making m e very itchy as I am obviously allergic to whatever they use to stick them.

    I have seen a product called No More Warts on the net but it would cost me a lot of money as I wouild have to get the bigger bottle costing $70 .

    Appreciate help.

  2. elliespad

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    Don't know if this will help, but here is a cut & paste of a previous post of mine.

    Turmeric and Epstein BarR Virus 01/19/07 12:45 PM

    Yup, my doctor had me take Turmeric, 3 times a day to put my Epstein Barr Virus in remission.

    I also had a friend visit us at our summer campground 2 summers ago, and her son, around 11 or 12, had warts on his feet that his doctor had been treating for MONTHS.

    Well, I had NEVER read that it would help warts. But, I had been prescribed it by my doc to keep my Epstein Barr (MONO) in remission. And, EBV is a Herpes Virus. So, when she was talking about her sons' warts, doctor using this and that, blah, blah, blah. So I thought, yeah warts are pretty persistent, but so is a Herpes Virus. If Turmeric can put Herpes Virus in remission, I bet it could the virus that causes warts.

    I had her son take 1 capsule, 3 times a day. The warts (plural!) were gone in 3 days. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. But 6 months of other treatments failed to get rid of his warts. Turmeric did it in 3 DAYS !

  3. charlie21

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    Hello there, I am from the U.K., and my hubby has a low immune system due to being on immunosuppressants for 7 years now after a kidney transplant. They were all over his hands, even to the point that one nail was being lifted up because of them, and he was very uncomfortable and hid his hands a lot. After the doc trying to freeze them off, a new over the counter cream came out called bazuka gel extra strengh form. After perseverence of filing the warts down, and then putting on this cream at night, they have nearly gone. They will form white areas when you put the cream on, which eventually you can pick off. Hope this is helpful. Charlie

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