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    Hi all hope someone can help have tried everthing to get rid of the warts on my fingers. The doctor tried to freeze them they got bigger. The one on my wedding finger has been scraped off by me trying to take off my wedding ring. It came back bigger and longer. I have tried all of the over counter products.
    Anyones suggestion would be appreciated as I haven't been able to wear my engagement ring in months.
  2. dunnlb

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    I have had luck with Retin-A. I put it just on the wart area, but it takes a LONG time for it to work. You could put it on at night so it wouldn't be washed off for several hours. If you put it on the surrounding skin, it might burn it. It doesn't burn mine, but it seems like your body has to get used to it. It takes just a little bit to do the job.

    I order mine online from 4 Corners Pharmacy (under Skin Medication section):
    Retin-A Cream 1 x 20gm Tube US $29.00

    If you bought it in the States, it could possibly be $100.
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    l found l website with some home remidies for removal of warts ;
    l hope this helps you .
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    really a dermatologist had to put this on my sons wartsplanter on his fingers and hands,,,cotton swap over the are of it and it wil blister goes in and killls the seeds that make them grow and spread....then they can cut them if it doesn t that has been the most successful they he had foung toat work well for him

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    I have a home remedy book and as silly asit sounds if you cut the leaf of a hen and chick plant in half and place the moist side on the wart,tape it in place it will be gone in a couple days.It will be sore but it is so cool to see the progress lol!also I have used a piece of duct tape over the wart and this also works by smothering the wart.But the hen and chick plant works best for me.I know this time of year it would be hard to find that plant.If you can find it try that 2 times a day for a couple hours or even an hour at a time works.I am wondering if maybe a piece of potato would do the same as a hen and chick might be worth a try!In the past 5 years I have had 2 outbreaks of warts and both times I used the hen and chicks and the duct tape.
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    I had a wart on my wrist and had never before had them.

    I tried everything and it wouldn't go away. My doctor told me to use a homeopathic medicine called Muriaticum.
    It worked! I couldn't believe it really, because I had never had anything work like that with homeopathy before.

    Just follow the instructions on the little bottle. It is very safe. The wart is gone and has stayed gone. I was amazed.

    I would highly recommend it and it's not expensive. You can find it at health food store. It will probably cost between 6 and 8 dollars.

    Good Luck

    Another thing to try is duct tape. put some on the wart and leave it for several days, then change it. Keep it up until the wart disappears. It didn't work for me as well as the homeopathic remedy.
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    Our entire family had warts and the doctor suggested duct tape. You leave it on at all times. Change it everyday. It suffocates the wart which is caused by a virus. The virus needs air in order to live so the duct tape cuts off the air. It worked for all 3 of us plus we had to do the liquid nitrogen thing. Good luck!