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    Hi, welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your puzzling condition.

    No doctors here. Just fellow patients. Some people here know a lot about
    meds and such. I don't myself.

    Did your doctor do a test of thyroid function? Is it just the feet or is it the entire
    body that's too hot?

    I have read on the board that thyroid tests are often inaccurate. I suggest you post
    on the chit board or the fibromyalgia board; or even both. These two boards are much more active. I would also suggest a different title since your problem sounds more
    serious than just hot feet. Maybe something like: Could this be a thyroid problem?

    Maybe one of the knowledgeable posters like jaminhealth can give you some info.

    (I didn't respond on your thread because I could't get a Reply button.)

    Good luck