Was anyone born to older parents?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moonlightkitty, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. moonlightkitty

    moonlightkitty New Member

    My father passed away recently at age 89... he was 62 when I was born.

    Thinking about his life, (and basically feeling very sorry for myself that I lost him while I was still so sick and also feeling that things seemed so senseless), a thought occurred to me for the first time - could any of these afflictions I've had since infancy be to do with any sort of decline in reproductive 'quality' in an older male? It sort of made sense to me because I've always felt like an old young person. My joints have been quite degraded, weak and lax since I was a child and are absolutely terrible now.

    I don't think it would be a cause of cfs or fms, but wonder if it's accelerated some of this process for me. Particularly I wonder if it is an issue with the more idiosyncratic symptoms I have with my joints/ligaments that I still have no satisfactory understanding of, and are a lot like premature wear-and-tear.

    Anyone else here born to older parents? There probably is no pattern as we are all different but I am curious to know anyway.

    I searched a bit online and found that there is fairly recent evidence emerging that children born to older fathers are more likely to develop schizophrenia and various other syndromes. And when they say 'older', they mean around 40 so I wonder if they will find much about even older parents. Apparently it is hard to get historical evidence about the link with older fathers and certain illnesses as often the father's age has not been on birth certificates.

    Christine xo

  2. Logand

    Logand New Member

    My parents were 47 and 48 when I was born. My dad is 89 now. I never thought of this as being a cause, but you never know.
  3. BabsFl

    BabsFl New Member

    I was born to older parents and I have a brother 5 years younger than I

    My dad was 39 when I was born and my mom was 36 5 years later they had my brother.

    Sept 16th my dad had been gone 1 year

    I have thought about if having children in later years has any effect. Interesting to think about

  4. joyegail

    joyegail New Member

    i was born to parents in their mid to late 20s, but was raised by older parents, i was adopted. But obviously, this wouldn't have anything to do with it, LOL. My birth parents were M-24, and F-27 when i was born.

  5. harrahslady

    harrahslady New Member

    Hi, My Father was 40 and my mom 35 when I was born. I was born with severe eczema and asthma. Also allergic to a ton of things. I had to drink goats milk. Over the years things had gotten better but then I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have radiation and chemo. Since then my health has gone downhill. My immune system is so messed up I'm afraid to go anywhere afraid I might catch something. Then to top it off, I was diag w/ fibro and cfs.Ha! But my spirits are still high because this board is such a great help to me!
  6. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    I just had to comment - what a very interesting question!!
    Never ever thought about it that way...

    don't think it would have affected me, my Mother was 32yrs and my Dad 31yrs when I was born.......

    But really if you want to really stop and think about this, our body goes through so many changes as we age, and if one's parents were older when they had children, it really makes sense to me - maybe not as far as fibro/cf but this could be a whole host of other things too - JUST MY OPINION.........

    Take Care......Love, Donna
  7. nct

    nct New Member

    That is an interesting thought. My Mom was 40 and Dad was 41 or 42 when I was born. Total accident, I was. I'm now 36. Dad has been gone since August of 1996, and Mom since August of 1997.

    But until I got EBV/mono, I never really had overwhelming medical problems, just the usual. Allergies, earaches, strep throat for a while.

    But neat question.

    Nancy T
  8. BabsFl

    BabsFl New Member

  9. Nanledaroe

    Nanledaroe New Member

    When I was born my mother was 40 and my dad was 56. I'd never thought about it being a factor in my FMS but I do think that it caused my sister(who's 1 1/2 years younger than me) and myself to have poor eyesight. We both have worn glasses since childhood due to nearsightedness and astigmatism. Now that we're in our 40s our near vision is going too.
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  10. vp

    vp New Member


    My father was mid-40's and mother was in 20's.
    also a large age diff.

  11. FriendonthePath

    FriendonthePath New Member

    were 19.

    My mother also has FM and her mother was also young.
  12. gotfiddle

    gotfiddle New Member

    My mom was 42, Dad was 39. I'm the youngest of 7. With all the other posts, it looks like we might be on to something.

    I'm 22, I'm pretty sure I've had CFS since I was about 8. Although, I've had brain fog all my life, but a razor-sharp long-term memory. I have vivid memories from infancy.

    Another thing, my dad was exposed to a ton of Agent Orange in 'Nam. They're finding children of these people are experiencing problems, too.
  13. moonlightkitty

    moonlightkitty New Member

    Interesting replies from everyone. I forgot to add that my mum was 36 when she had me, so she was an older mum too. I also forgot to say that I actually felt a sense of peace when this thought occurred to me, and could get past the feeling of injustice. Because if there is a connection, at least it feels inevitable in a way - that I would be this sick when he was elderly, rather than some unfortunate coincidence.

    Donna, yes that does make sense, that was kind of the train of thought that I was following. God knows where I get these ideas sometimes! But because they occur to me so randomly and feel like intuition, I usually trust them and follow them up. I googled 'children born to older fathers' and found out that apparently as sperm ages, it undergoes disease-causing genetic mutations that are necessary for the sperm to survive to reach the egg.
  14. ourplanet

    ourplanet New Member

    I have thought this so many times as my father was 62 when I was born. Other siblings are afflicted with mental illness, and I have suffered from depression since childhood, (now 28) and fibromyalgia for at least 10 years!
  15. namow

    namow New Member

    Yes! It might be a connection there. My parents were on their 40's and I have a brother 12 years older and a sister 9 years older than me. mmmmm interesting
  16. kat1957

    kat1957 New Member

    My mother was 41 and my father was 61. But I have a sister that has FM too and that wasn't the case with her as she is 10 years older than me so our mom would have been 31 at the time and her father was 35-37 (different dad).
    But interesting theory. :) I know we are always trying to "figure out" this disease and why it happened to us.

  17. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    My mom and dad were both 40 when I was born. You may be on to something here...
  18. violarose1

    violarose1 New Member

    my birthmom had me w/ she was 24, but i was adopted by older parents, but that doesnt count
  19. jhmitch

    jhmitch New Member

    My father was 34 and my mother was 35 when I was born. Since I had colic and loads of allergies, I wasn't just their first child but also was their last. Like Harrahslady, I ended-up on goat's milk as a baby.

    According to my mother, when I was a month or two old, I was hospitalized for a week "to cry-out" my colic (and probably to let my parents get some much-needed sleep, as well).

    I'm now 55.

  20. taniar

    taniar New Member

    I feel pretty darn crummy and my parents were both 22 when I was born.

    Perhaps the health of the parent has more bearing on the


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