Was flaring on Mothers Day...felt awful but good doc visit

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, May 12, 2003.

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    Mothers Day was terrible for me. I was in bed all day. I think my doc visit to Cleveland brought it on by riding in the car for 6 hrs. My neuro raised my neurontin from 1800 mgs to 3600 mgs for my neuropathy and he wants me to partipate in a new study they are doing on a new med, of course I said "yes" I'll do anything to help myself and others of this pain. He also wrote a letter to my LTD company stating that my autonomic small nerve neuropathy and Pots is disabling and I may not be able to return to work and I'm still under his care cause the Ltd was approving me for depression which then again they would shut me off in 24 months. Anyways so I gave my SSDI lawyer a copy of the letter to put in my file so maybe it will help some with the judge hearing(that I'm still waiting for). My Pots doc said in 3 wks she wants to put me on different med and I can get rid of these hot compression hose that I have to wear, also she cut down my salt tabs fr 5 to 2. So I was happy with all my appts that day and got alot of questions asnwered.
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    six hrs in the car no wonder you were flaring,. sorry it had to be on mothers day. I did grocery shopping mother's day, came home and was spent. sooooo tired. my husband vacumned for me and swept the floors. I kinda wanted them washed too, you know, use the mother's day thing for all its worth. I did cook dinner though. I'm a little mad at that. wanted take out. any how, for what its worth. happy belated mother's day. again I'm sorry you were not feeling well
    God Bless