Was Just told I have it...Now what?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by keetta, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Ok so I went to a new Dr. to get my normal spinal shot for the 2 bulging disks that I have had for years and he walks in and starts telling me what he will and will not do for me (one of which was the shot)and what he "Thinks" I have, without any tests I should point out... this is when he tells me that he thinks I have fibromyalgia and proceeds to start giving me 3 different kinds of meds. 2 pain meds and Lyrica. He then looks at me and tells me that if I dont like what he's saying that Im more than welcome to get a second oppinion... Well Thanks A Lot, I still had to pay 30.00 for going in and getting treated like a 3 year old...Ok so maybe I do have the fibromyalgia, I have a lot of the symptoms, the being tired all the time, the pain after just cleaning my house, feeling like I havent slept all night when I know I did...but I also have the bulging disks that he did nothing about. I have a friend that has FM that is telling me to give the meds a couple of weeks to take affect and it might help my back, if not what then?? Am I just being a baby about this whole thing or what? Ive never been one to lay around and do nothing, I have always been very active. Working out is one of the things I love, but havent been able to do for several years now, I weigh more now than I ever have and see no end to it...I cant even get up and clean my own house with out cringing in pain for the next 2 days. I dont know if I can do this or not, I can not depend on someone else to do what I want done, it's not fair to my husband or anyone else!!
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    Keetta, we have an excellent Fibro board here with people who are very informed and I hope you will place your post there to get the optimum help.