WASABI,JEANETTE62 & LOLO500~ 1st Dr. POWELL visit! Have ?'s

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    Hi Wasabi, jeanette62 & lolo500,

    Well, I made it through my first visit with Dr.Powell without being TOO overwhelmed with info! Thought I'd let you know how my visit went & ask you guys a few questions too...

    What a day I had! I had budgeted alittle over 2 hours to drive to Sacramento...Well, about 20 minutes into my drive; 101 was at a standstill! I listened on the radio & heard that one lane of 101 had sunk near Petaluma & there was a traffic delay of up to 45 minutes! Eeek! I called Dr.Powell's office & got the machine...left a message & prayed that they'd still be able to see me when I finally arrived.

    After passing the sunken freeway section, traffic was OK & I FLEW to Sacramento! (WAY faster than I usually would drive!) Got there about 20 minutes late. The nice women behind the counter said not to worry...They had had a busy A.M. & it really was just fine. Whew!

    I watched an introductory video of Dr.Powell explaining theories behind FM & his treatment protocol. When I met with him; he asked lots of questions, did an exam & explained his treatments. It was alot of info to process. He seemed rushed (which I take responsibility for, being late for the appt.) but at the same time wanted to explain things to me. He really didn't give me an opportunity to ask many questions, but again...I'm sure his patients were backing up in other rooms!

    I decided to get a VitB12 injection & a Magnesium injection before I left. (Annie did them & showed me how to do them at home.) I purchased supplements there...The prices are VERY reasonable. I had my blood work done at the nearby Quest lab. After all that was done; I left Sacramento shortly before 5 P.M.! My drive home was slow going as it rained (poured) most of the way! It was a white knuckle drive! I was SO glad to get home around 8 P.M.! What a travel day!

    So, I now find myself feeling somewhat bothered by the HUGE amount of pills I am swallowing every day! I figure I'm either desperate, Dr. P is crazy or this will work! I made sure that Dr.P knew the supplements & meds I am already taking...He said to continue on all of them! (I had hoped maybe he might eliminate something so I wouldn't be taking such massive amounts of supps/ meds!)

    Here's what I'm taking: (Sorry if this is just a duplicate list of what you are doing! Others might be interested!)

    Nutritional Support:
    *Fatigued to Fantastic Daily Energy Enfusion powder (replaces my old multi Vit)
    *Vit B
    *L-Arginine (increases Nitric Oxide production)
    *Vit C (mega doses)
    *Magnesium caps & injections
    *Niacin & Niacinimide (warms body, increases GI function)
    *Flax oil
    *Fiber Smart & Apple Pectin for fiber/ constipation

    To Decrease Pain/ Increase Nitric Oxide Production:
    *Horny Goat Weed
    *Vit D (mega dose)
    *Nitro Glycerin as needed for pain-I tried & got a whopper headache & extreme dizziness (both possible side effects on side of bottle!) Not good for my headache-prone head!

    To Enhance Sleep:
    *5HTP (I've been taking for 2 years)
    *Klonopin (I've been taking for 1 1/2 years)
    *Valerian (I've been taking for 2 years)
    He didn't add or change my sleep aids & was glad I'm on CPAP for my Apnea & UARS

    Yeast/ Fungal Suppression:
    *Probiotic (was already taking)
    *Oregano Oil
    *Olive Leaf
    *Diflucan Rx- 200mg twice a week
    *No sugar diet ): (cheated already)

    Chlamydia Pneumoniae treatment:
    *Vitamin B12 injections
    *N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

    INH and then Flagyl

    My Regular/ Daily Meds:
    *Imitrex for occasional Migraines

    I just can't believe I'm taking all this stuff! Do you take this many supplements?!!!!! Doesn't it freak you out? (That's my first question!)

    2nd question...Did you start doing the VitB12 injections at home as instructed on the Rx...in AM & PM x 3 days & then twice a week thereafter BEFORE you got your lab results? I tried calling the office to verify, but they are closed on Fridays. I'm going to pick up my Magnesium & Vit B12 injections from the pharmacy today. I guess I can call them on Monday, but I was just curious if you started with the injections right away.(or if you waited for lab results.)

    3rd question...Did you all test positive for the Chlamydia?

    I guess that's it for now! In general, I liked the Dr. & office. Dr.P is NOT a warm fuzzy guy, but he doesn't seem cold either. He seems to be extremely intelligent & up on all the latest research/ treatment options. Thanks for encouraging me to go. I sure hope I'm making the right decisions re: my care & treatment!

    Blessings & Hugs,
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    Dear Annie,

    I'm glad your appointment with Dr. Powell went fairly well. I've been anxiously waiting to hear how it was for you. Your trip sounds stressful! I'm glad you made it safely both ways.

    I know what you mean about the massive amount of information one has to try to digest in the first few visits. It can be overwhelming. Fortunately for me, my husband came with me, and so he was able to explain or remind me of things I had forgotten.

    1.) To answer your question about the large number of pills, yes, I'm taking a lot of pills too. And yes, it did freak me out at first. (I'm the kind of person who, in my pre-fibro life, wouldn't even take Tylenol for a headache.) On average, I'm taking about 32 pills a day. That's a lot!!

    It took me a while to figure out a good schedule and system so that I could actually remember to take everything at the right times. Now, I'm pretty much used to it, and I definitely feel worse if I skip anything. That gives me incentive to keep popping those pills.

    The theory is that our bodies are not absorbing or producing the nutrients needed, which is why Dr. Powell is inundating our bodies with mega-supplements. It's supposed to kick-start our bodies back to a more normal state of functioning. When our bodies normalize--which is usually 9-12 months into the treatment--he will taper you off most of the pills.

    Are we desperate, is Dr. Powell crazy, or does it work? I suppose that's up for debate. I must say, however, that I've been diligent about staying on the treatment and taking all the pills prescribed, and I've been making steady progress. I know a couple of other patients who have not been so diligent--they only do a portion of the protocol or skip a week or two of pills now and then--and they are not making good progress. I think of the treatment as having a cumulative effect. If I drop out for a while, I will lose some ground. Anyway, I hope it works for you too. Don't lose heart!

    It's interesting that you are on a fairly different set of medications and supplements! Click on my profile and see what I'm taking--it's almost completely different, except for Magnesium, Probiotics, INH, and Flagyl. Fascinating!

    2.) I tried the B-12 injections, but they made me sick. Dr. Powell was surprised, as nearly everyone responds positively to them, but he took me off them immediately.

    I can't remember if I had my test results when I started--my brain was pretty foggy back then.

    3.) Yes, I tested positive for Clamydiae Pneumoniae, but more importantly, I had the symptoms of a chronic infection. My immune system was totally run-down, and any little cut would get infected. Before I knew anything about CP, I kept thinking that it was as if my white blood cells weren't functioning. In my opinion, CP is probably one of the biggest factors in my particular case, along with Candida yeast.

    I guess everyone has to decide whether or not the treatment is working for him/her and if it's worth the effort. For me, I was so desperate for help when I finally found Dr. Powell that I decided to make a one-year commitment to the program and to letting my body heal. If, at the end of the period, I haven't seen great improvement, I'll look elsewhere. I have already seen significant improvement, however, so for me at this point, it's a matter of how much better I will be at the end of that year.

    Will I be "back to normal" as Dr. Powell suggests? I'm not sure, but if this is as good as it gets, for me it was totally worth it. I'm now functioning, working, and managing my illness successfully.

    Anyway, that's my experience. I hope your experience with Dr. Powell will be a positive one too. Keep us posted, and take care!
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    is it okay if i ask a few questions. i am getting magnesium in an iv (intravenously) in a saline drip--it takes aobut one hour each week. I get about 5 grams i think. i am interested to learn about your magnesium injections that you can take at home. do they go into your veins or subcutaneously or intramuscularly? what dosage do you get? did he say a specific purpose. the magnesium (and glutathione--get glut 3x/week) has helped me so much, more than everything else i have done combined, but i wish there was an easier way to get the magnesium.

    second question, if you know and if you can take the time, why do you want to increase nitric oxide? i thought according to Martin Pall, part of our problem is too much nitric oxide causing problems with the NMDA cycle in our brains. does that make sense to you? am i misunderstanding something? Thanks for posting--i will watch for future posts and hope the best for you. blessings. jen102
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    Hi & thanks for replying!

    I checked out your profile again to compare supps & meds...The Oxytocin injections were mentioned as a possibility...I remember him explaining them to me. Maybe he wanted me to start out with the Nitro first...Plus with me living so far away; I couldn't go there regularly for injections. The Nitro didn't work for me, so when I go back in a few weeks; they might suggest something else. I'm wondering if my local Family Dr. could give me the Oxytocin injections. That might work.

    The Nizoral Nasal spray is for yeast/ fungal infection...Do you have a big problem with gunkiness & post nasal drip? I do at different times of the year...Now being the worst time! Amazingly, I think I notice an improvement already! (after 4 days?!) Your Fluconozole is the Generic for Diflucan...I've got the generic also.

    I'm not familiar with Quercetin. What is that for? Is it in combo with Vit C? He's got me on mega quantities of Vit C...He said it is gone from your blood in 3 hours?

    Melatonin is for sleep, right? I was already on a good combo for sleep, so he didn't change it.

    Dr.Powell gave me a 2 page hand-out entitled "Herbs & Nitric Oxide"...It is based on findings from the Canadian Journal of Microbiology...Nov. 2005. This article outlines using Ginseng, Garlic, Horny Goat Weed & Ashwagandha for increasing Nitric Oxide production. (To kill the Chlamydia) The article also mentions L-Arginine & Niacinamide as being nutritional agents for Nitric Oxide production. It also mentions Garlic, Oregano Oil & Olive Leaf as being antifungals. Do you have that article? I have a handout entitled "Getting Started: Therapeutic Options" This lists all the possible treatments for Nutritional Support, Energy, Pain, Sleep, Yeast/ Fungal suppression, and Cpn treatment. Everything he suggested came off that list & from the other article.

    Thanks for your encouragement! I realize that it is going to take a long time to get results. I AM comitted to trying this longterm. I am just still in the very-freaked-out-mode re: taking SO MANY supplements!!! I really hope my body & stomach (I have chronic stomach pain/ Gastritis) can handle all of it!

    One more question...Did you herx just from adding the herbals? (Before antibiotics) If so, what were your symptoms?

    Thanks bunches! I think it's great that we have our little group of Dr.P patients! I hope we all see positive results! You are so blessed to be able to be working! I really miss my old job very much & would LOVE to get back to it someday! You have given me hope!

    BTW, I love figure skating too! I spent my childhood winters ice skating in the woods on ponds & frozen waterways behind our house!(Grew up in Western NY) Peggy Fleming was my idol! (Guess that really ages me, huh?!) I enjoy watching the skating on TV also...The Olympics are coming soon... in Feb! Can't wait!

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    Hi Annie,

    I'm glad you made it safely to and from your appt. I was thinking about you with all that bad weather and the condition it has left many of the roads.

    The first visit is a lot of information and can be a bit overwhelming. Too bad traffic took away some of your valuable appt time and it ended up being a little rushed. When I had my appt. in Nov it was not rushed at all.

    As far as feeling overwhelmed with all of the pills you have to swallow, I felt the same way only I wasn't taking as many already as you were. I too have always been very hesitant about taking medicine and never liked swallowing pills. When I was pregnant, I couldn't even swallow the prenatal vitamin so my doctor had me take a children's chewable. I haven't counted all the pills I take everyday only because I don't want to add it up yet. I have been very faithful in taking the vitamins, supplements and Rx's and have only accidently missed a dose here and there due to timing. I can't believe I've been able to keep up with it all.

    This is what I take

    Nutritional Support:
    *Fatigued to Fantastic Daily Energy Enfusion powder
    B Complex
    Omega 3 Fish Oil
    Vitamin C 1000 mg (3-4)
    Acetyl L-Carnitine
    Rx Vit D 50,000 Units 1X wk

    To Decrease Pain/ Increase Nitric Oxide Production:
    Nitro Glycerin as needed for pain (haven't used because worst pain times I usually have a headache too)
    Oxytocin injections (still trying to figure out)
    800 mg Advil when needed

    For Sleep:
    Melatonin 3mg SL Tab

    Chlamydia Pneumoniae treatment:
    *Vitamin B12 injections
    *N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
    Hi-Fiber Diet (working on about 3/4 time)
    For Endotoxin release
    Charcoal Capsules

    Later: I was hoping to start the IHN then Flagyl but my liver enzymes came back high so I'm taking Milk Thistle to lower it and get it rechecked next week. Hopefully it lowers it so it's safe to start.

    Yeast/ Fungal Suppression:
    Rx Nystatin (started last week had allergic reaction - hives - told to stop and not introduce anything else until it goes away - it's not gone yet.)
    Will start these soon Acidophilus ; Oregano Oil ; Grapefruit Seed Complex
    no sugar or dairy like cheese

    Other Meds
    Thyroid T3 7.5
    Progesterone 200mg SL
    Topamax 100mg
    Ferrous Sulfate 325mg

    Question 2: I had asked my PCP to check my B12 levels previously because I'd read on one of the Nexium pamplets that extended use over several years could cause B12 deficience and one of the signs was dizziness which I was having at the time. The test was done in May and was not considered out of range by the lab but it was in the lower half of the range. Dr. Powell said many times that particular blood test can sometimes show normal the problem occurs during the conversion process in the body which isn't measured.

    I didn't start the injections right away because I tried to get my pharmicist to order the needles and he couldn't figure it out despite Annie's help from Dr. Powell's office so I went through their pharmacy. By then I'd chickened out and needed to be shown again how to do it. Somehow I forgot the part about the 3 days in a row and never did that step. I'll have to ask if I need to still do that. Once I got over the fear of doing it and just did it I found it wasn't so hard after all. I'm not doing any magnesium injections. What are they for?

    Question 3?

    Yes I tested positive for Chlamydia and Microplasma exposure and have the symptoms as well. Somehow I didn't realize that I could get sx from the endotoxin dye off from the NAC - I must have missed that with all of that info at the first visit. I introduced many of the supplements slowly so the NAC wasn't one of the first ones. I started with the ones that would give me energy first so I felt better and had more energy the first few weeks and then after starting the NAC is when I crashed and got really exhausted and achey again.

    I liked your description of Dr. Powell. I saw an additional side to him as well. It was almost like seeing the kid in him - you know excited about the work he was doing - enjoying putting the pieces of the puzzle together - that is rare to see in a doctor these days. I've only seen that in one other doctor in the last 17 years and he took a job as a doctor for an oil company in a foreign country because he was so frustrated with the way insurance companies were telling doctors how to practice medicine. I also saw a little of the warmth and compassion in him. Maybe next time he won't be so rushed and you might see that side too.

    Stick with it I'm sure improvement will come.


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    Hi there,

    The Magnesium injections are a combo of 1% Xylocaine (1cc) & 2 cc of MgSO4 50 %. I am to inject the combo into my butt muscle once a week. The reason I am doing this in addition to the oral Magnesium Glycinate is because I think the oral has lost it's effectiveness. Supposedly we are in need of the Magnesium...It is also supposed to help with headache prevention.

    The main benefit I received from the Mg is that it cured my lifelong constipation for over a year! However, this year has been different. I'm taking over 1,000 mg each day orally & it's not keeping things moving anymore! Dr. Powell said that if I have the Chlamydia Pneumoniae, the bacteria could now be interfering with the way my body is utilizing the Magnesium. He mentioned doing the injections & I figure it's worth a try.

    As for the Nitric Oxide...Research has shown that N.O. inhibits the abilities of C.Pneumoniae, actually damages the bacteria & may prevent the systemic spread of C.P. Dr.Powell believes (based upon others' research & treatments) that many of our symptoms are from this nasty bacteria.He sent me home with a very technical paper which explains C.P. & the treatments recommended for it. At this point; I don't even know if I have it! Have had blood work done & will hopefully find out soon. Dr.P says most of his FM patients are infected. Here's a web site which explains it WAY better than I ever could! www.Cpnhelp.org (I'm pretty sure it's strictly an informational site only.)

    Hope that answers your questions.I'm glad that you are feeling benefits from your treatments! Yeah!


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    Hi & thanks so much for your reply! My fingers & arms are in pain from typing responses to the other two!...I'm sorry my reply will be brief to you tonight, but I gotta take a break!

    Looks like we are taking a lot of the same supps. You are right...Don't add up the pills! I did today & it was over 50 each day! I was already freaking & that didn't help! I pray that these supps will be beneficial.

    So you had fatigue from the NAC? I've been SUPER tired at times over the last 3 days! Yesterday was awful...I had to lie down 3 times! And I fell asleep every time. I'd just feel like I couldn't function. Maybe the NAC has something to do with it. Or the Diflucan? (Anti- yeast med)

    That's a real disadvantage of adding a bunch of things all at once. If I have a reaction; I won't be able to tell who the culprit is. I hope all goes well...I know one thing for sure. I'm staying FAR away from the Nitro!

    Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate your input! Wishing you a great weekend!

  8. Wasabi

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    Just a couple of things in response to your post:

    1.) You can give yourself the Oxytocin injections, if Dr. Powell prescribes it for you. (I'm too chicken to do it myself, so my husband gives them to me.)

    2.) Yes, I have a real problem with post-nasal drip and general sinus congestion. Going on the anti-yeast diet and using Nizoral has helped immensely!

    3.) Quercetin is an antioxidant. I can't remember if Dr. Powell prescribed it or if I was already taking it. In any case, it's a Quercetin + C combo. It has so much vitamin C in it that it covers the mega-dose Dr. Powell wants me to take, and I think I take it several times a day.

    4.) Yes, melatonin is to induce sleep. It's a natural hormone and seems to work for me so far. --And that reminds me that I should edit my list of meds to include Gabitril. I just started Gabitril about a month ago. It's a anti-seizure med used in small doses to increased deep sleep cycle in fibromyalgia patients. I resisted taking it for a long time, but since starting it, I've noticed that I sleep better.

    5.) I don't think I have the article on herbs and nitric oxide. I'll have to ask about that next time. They seem to have an abundance of handouts and articles, and they seem to sometimes forget which ones they've given each patient.

    Did you know that there's a book you can buy at the office too? It's a yellow book called "Taking Charge of Fibromyalgia" and it's a good book. I did a price comparison of supplements, and Dr. P's office is consistently less expensive than our local health food stores.

    6.) I hope your stomach will handle all the supplements too. I didn't herx at all from anything until I started Flagyl.

    (Well, when I started Amoxicillin, I was really dizzy, so Dr. P had me take half the dose until the dizziness went away and then I went back to the full dose--but I don't think it was herxing.)

    Other than that, the only herx-like symptoms I've had were from the Flagyl. I take it for five days and then take two weeks off each time. During those five days, I get progressively tired and nauseous and have other herxing symptoms. Within a couple of days of finishing the cycle of Flagyl, I have a great boost of energy and feel pretty great.

    I was surprised that I haven't had worse herxing. I'm usually really sensitive to medications and such. The charcoal seems to help a lot with the herxing.

    7.) Nice to hear that you're a figure skating fan too. I'm an uber Michelle Kwan fan!! Can't wait for the Olympics, although I will be so nervous for her.

    8.) I enjoyed your description and Jeanette's description of Dr. Powell. I think I saw the "excited about being a doctor" side of him as well.

    And, actually, on my first visit, as I began describing my symptoms, he smiled and said, "Okay, and in addition, you probably have these symptoms too, right?" and began listing a lot of my other minor symptoms too.

    And then he said, "It's just getting too easy to diagnose this! So many of you come here with almost the same set of symptoms--after having gone to several other doctors and being told there's nothing wrong with you. But every one of you has a list that's textbook fibromyalgia."

    He was impressed when I then told him that he was the thirteenth medical practitioner I'd seen.

    Anyway, on my subsequent visits, I've been seeing Michael McClanahan, who is the P.A. Michael's wife has FM, which is how he learned about the illness and then ended up working with Dr. Powell. Michael is really nice. I like him a lot too.

    Well, now that I've written a book, I must go to bed. Thanks again for the updates. I love hearing from our Dr. P group!
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    Good Morning Everyone in our Dr. P Group,

    I have a few questions about some of the diet recommendations for the CPN protocol. Maybe Wasabi or anyone else who has been on the protocol for awhile can give some input.

    1. How are you doing maintaining a hi-fiber diet and how important is it?

    2. Have you been able to completely eliminate all caffeine from your diet? I'm down to 1 cup of coffee in the morning and have to make sure I don't drink it when taking my iron pills, so the timing can be challenging sometimes. That is the only caffeine except for a rare bite of chocolate. Should I be giving this up too?

    3. How bad for us is sugar, cheese, dairy products, refined carbs, and breads with yeast in them? Do I need to eliminate them completely or is having them occassionally okay?

    4. Has anyone else noticed a sensitivity to products with MSG in them? Not only does it sometimes cause migraines for me, but it will cause the intense burning pain all over my scalp, face and in various muscle tissues all over my body. Whenever I eat out I pay for it depending on what I've eaten. It makes it harder for me to enjoy salads because I don't like vinegar and oil salad dressings, so I can't make my own. I found a ranch salad dressing I like at Whole Foods, but it's made from buttermilk and very high in calories. Is the buttermilk bad for the candida because it is dairy? Many times I use salsa or no salad dressing. Any other ideas?

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

  10. CAAnnieB

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    Bumping for Jeanette's dietary questions. (I wasn't given that info yet!)

    I'm also curious to know if you received info/ instructions on an anti-yeast diet?

    Hope you guys are having a good day! I'm still SO tired!!!!

  11. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Bumpity Bump!

  12. Wasabi

    Wasabi New Member

    Oh, hello! I haven't had time to post over the past couple of days, and I'm finally responding Jeanette's latest message. A very busy weekend for me! I hope everyone had a good weekend.

    1.) High-fiber diet
    Well, I'm a vegetarian and have so many food allergies that a good portion of my diet is vegetables. So, I didn't really change my diet much after going to Dr. Powell, as I figured I'm already getting a lot of fiber.

    My understanding is that the fiber is to help detox the body, although I could be wrong. When endotoxins are released, the fiber--and charcoal--help bind the toxins so that they don't harm your organs as they pass through your system.

    I'm not sure exactly how important the high-fiber diet is though. It might be a good question for Dr. Powell at your next appointment

    2.) Caffeine
    Well, I'm really sensitive to caffeine, so I gave it up long ago. I haven't had a sip of coffee or even caffenated tea in years, because it really makes me loopy.

    I've heard that caffeine is bad for us FM/CFS sufferers. I'm guessing that it's because it stimulates the nervous system, and we have trouble with neurotransmitters as it is.

    3.) Sugar, cheese, yeast, etc.
    I asked Michael (the P.A.) this very question. His answer was that it's best to avoid as much of these foods as possible, but that I could test and see which ones were especially bad for me.

    Essentially, if I tried one of the yeast foods and had really bad congestion or post-nasal drip or increased fatigue or pain within the next 24 hours, I should suspect that food as causing a yeast reaction in my body.

    If some of the yeast foods don't appear to have much impact on me, I could eat those from time to time.

    Did they give you a handout with the anti-yeast diet? It lists all kinds of foods that we should be avoiding. If you haven't gotten it, you may want to ask for it next time.

    The list is fairly overwhelming at first. It has everything on there from canned and frozen foods to store-bought fruit juice. I was actually already on the anti-yeast diet when I first went to Dr. Powell, so it just confirmed what I was already doing. It's really difficult to get used to, but for me, trying to stay on this diet has made a difference.

    However, between my food allergies, the anti-yeast diet, lactose intolerance, and vegetarianism, my diet is really limited. I choose to cheat on the anti-yeast diet regularly, I must admit, because I fear I'm not getting enough nutrients.

    4.) Yes, I'm sensitive to MSG. I believe many of us are. MSG is a neurotoxin--it affects the central nervous system, and so it is particularly harmful for those of us who have these illnesses. You may know this already, but MSG is sometimes disguised in ingredient listings as "natural flavoring" and "spices."

    My take on the anti-yeast diet is that the general principle is to try to avoid foods that are 1.) made with fermentation process or 2.) may acquire mold during processing or 3.) encourage yeast growth.

    Food made by fermentation would include cheese, soy sauce, vinegar. Canned and frozen foods apparently acquire mold during processing--and many processed tomato and fruit products are made from moldy fruit. Sugar encourages yeast growth.

    I think that one should not break one's back to follow this diet religiously, but at the same time, it should be taken seriously, as it could have a big impact on healing. It's good to note that following the anti-yeast diet is not forever. Michael promised me that one day I could "eat like a normal person" LOL. He even things that I may lose some of my food allergies, which I developed with fibromyalgia. I hope he's right!

    Anyway, I hope this answers a few of your questions. I know I wasn't much help on the first couple of questions, but hopefully someone else will have more experience with those.

    It's quite late, so hopefully I'm somewhat coherent in this post. I'll have to check back tomorrow and perhaps add to it. Take care!
  13. Wasabi

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    Just thought I'd add this note this morning, since I just got back from my latest visit to Dr. Powell's office.

    Everything is going smoothly with my treatment.

    Changes to my medication:
    1.) NAC instead of Amoxicillin
    2.) Add grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract.
    3.) Use Diflucan (fluconozone) only "as needed", as it loses effectivity over long period of use.

    I'm supposed to recheck my T3 levels to see if my body has started producing adequate amounts on its own.

    Michael (the P.A.) said he projects that I will complete the treatment by spring or summer of this year. Hurray! I won't mind being off of most of the pills!
  14. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    to answer my questions. I will read up on the nitric oxide part of it. I don't think i have that particular infection, however. thanks again. jen102
  15. Jeanette62

    Jeanette62 New Member

    Thanks for answering so many of my questions and all of the helpful info you posted. That's great that you are getting so close to the end of the protocol - spring and summer is just around the corner. It must feel great to have come this far and know healing is almost complete.

    My weekend was very busy too. My husband's company had their holiday party at the Blackhawk Country Club. They have it in Jan. because they get a better employee turnout. The food was good, but of course it left me achey, burning and dizzy the next day. I should have never eaten some of the chocolate cheesecake...I only ate about 1/3 of it. I haven't quite figured out yet if beef affects me too or if there was msg flavoring in the gravy. The salad dressing probably affected me as well.

    In the last year I only eat beef once a month and I always have increased pain after. I'm not sure if it's the beef or the source - In and Out burgers - or Raleys pre cooked Tri-Tip.

    Sometimes I can be very disciplined with my eating habits and other times I slide, especially when my energy is low when I'm not feeling well. When I slide I don't usually eat much junk food, I just don't eat as many veggies because it takes more prep work. I've never been a big veggie eater so I tend to leave it out if I'm not feeling well. I'll have to ask for the list of foods.

    I do stay on track with my exercise, but that may be contributing to the fatigue. I do it anyway to stay active since I'm not working and I'm trying to lose weight. I wish I could be as consistent with the veggies as I am with the exercise.

    I didn't realize vinegar was on the list to avoid for candida. It seems like many of the foods on the candida diet can also be migraine triggers too. I was aware there are many different names that MSG hides behind. They really should have to list it for what it is and not under all these hidden names complicating it for those who are sensitive. I just don't eat much processed food anymore because of it.

    I had my appt. with Dr. Warner yesterday. He increased my Thyroid T3 a little and left the progesterone and melatonin the same. It was a long drive, but I lucked out and had a beautiful day for January.

    Have a good week.


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