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  1. jaquieb

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    has anyone in washington gotten ssd successfully? please tell me about it. jaquie
  2. jaquieb

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    Ouch, I am in the second phase of SSD. I have been denied once and appealed, app. 1 1/2 months ago. Just got a letter saying I have an appt. with a clinical psychology for a mental exam. I have cognitive disorders bad and have a hard time with it. These are my symptoms.
    chronic head and neck and shoulder pain 24/7 (bad)
    cognitive disorders
    frozen shoulder (starting physical therapy tues.)
    chronic fatigue
    acid reflux
    have hard time sleeping
    tendonitis in shoulders
    other joint pain
    pain all over my body
    feet hurt alot of the times
    hard time in the mornings
    sore throats at times
    body aches alot
    back pain
    body itches alot
    digestive problems
    lightheadedness at times
    pain in hands and wrists
    pain in hips and knees
    SOME of these are documented some aren't. I went to an acupunturist and naturopath for awhile, chiro., and reg. DR. My Dr. is one of those that doesn't know alot about Fibro though she has treated me for the symptoms. I know they go mostly by what dr.s and specialist say and don't believe a word you say. Jaquie

  3. jaquieb

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    I realized you were the one that answered back with my first ssd ? about mental exam. Thank you. so you are from Wa. state? How long did it take for you to get SSD?
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    Hi boy is it nerve racking. Remember its not what you have its more about how able bodied you are. Even people with cancer I've seen not miss more then a few days of work.

    Make sure your doc is saying things that you can't do.

    I'm not in Wa but in Ca and I got mine the 1st try with only CFS and I never went in to SS. All done on the phone so this can happen to you too!

    I was just 100% honest.
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    I am on my third try awaiting hearing which takes up to two years! I to am flustrated with the system!