Washington state FMS sufferers...Bayview Medicalclinic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by judywhit, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. judywhit

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    Have an appoitment with a Dr. Kenneth Bakken in Tacoma at the Bayview Medical clinic. He specializes in FMS. Has anyone from my neck of the woods been to this clinc? There is also another Dr. with him "Ritson". Just got his brochure with my appointment papers. Looks like he is a D.O and a board member of Amer Holistic medicine. He also is ceo of a company that sells herbs and stuff which kind of bothers me! Wa hoping to get some feedback. At least he looks cute in his picture :) I hate seeing new doctors- helps if their nice looking!!!!
    thanks for any replies,
  2. lisjhn

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    Never heard of him. I live in Olympia, let me know how your appointment went, when is it? I have an appt. at Harborview's Chronic Fatigue Clinic in Seattle in August.......waiting....

  3. judywhit

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    Here is some info on their core treatment program. Looks as if they cover the whole gammet. My appt is for Feb 11th.It looks promising:
    Core Treatment Program

    Initial evaluation and treatment planning with physician (1 hour).
    Weekly clinic visits (15-20 minutes) with the physician (for FMS patietns, a minimum of 12 weeks) usually include:
    Trigger point or tender point injections
    Manual Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Thearpy (OMT)
    Review of sleep hygiene, prescription medications, nutrional supplements, diet protocol, exercise, and habits cessation.
    Pain Management
    Physical Therapy
    Myofascial Release
    Stretching, strengthening, and aerobic fitness
    Posture and gait training
    Micro-current, ultrasound, TENS and other modalities
    Nutrition Consultation as needed
    Counseling / Psychology
    Consultation as needed
    Pastoral care as requested
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    I am from Olympia too!! I have a great doctor I could refer you to, but alas she is not accepting new patients. Lisa I was considering starting a local support group. Right now I am very busy with some life stuff, but once I get on a set schedule I may do this. Would you be interested??

  5. lisjhn

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    Wow another Olympian! I've been trying to meet with two people on this board who live within 30 minutes of me and we can't seem to do it. We're sick on the same days. LOL

    There are several fibro groups here from the papers I have, i just haven't had the energy to go anywhere or call to make sure they are still up and running. But if you start one, I'd love to come, once I'm feeling better again. I haven't been able to leave the house but 3 times in 2 weeks. I've never felt so bad before, so I'm hoping it's just a bug or something and it'll go away.

    My e-mail is in my bio if you want to write. Nice to "meet" you!


    ~ ~~~Judy~~~~~ your program sounds great, sounds exhausting honestly but I hope it helps. Keep me posted on how you are doing. Which insurance do they take?
  6. dolsgirl

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    and looking for a doc. Insurance to finally kick in for March first. dolsgirl
  7. judywhit

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    they are members of most major preffered plans so thats a real plus. Just in case you might want to call and get a brochure the number in tacoma is 253 779-5858
  8. yogabunny

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    It's nice to see some folks at least in my state. When I first got sick I was leaving in Auburn. I found a great rhumy there, but once I got stable(read working) he kicked me back to my primary. Then my husband was transfered to Portland. Has anyone heard of any support groups down here? The closes I could find was Olympia.