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    I have continued to read posts here almost every day. What I have been thinking about lately is how many people with multiple diagnoses there are here. Most everyone seems to have some combination of FM, CFS, MS, post polio syndrome, asthma, ad infinitum. What is going on with us??? Is there some underlying feature that makes us more suceptible to these diseases. I had C. Difficile for 2 and 1/2 years and was tested for everything under the sun that might have affected my immune system, and they found nothing.
    The average people I know have some illnesses, but not a list of them, like we have.
    I feel like a wastebasket that doctors keep throwing diagnoses into.
    Every once and a while, I remember what it felt like to be healthy, and I start feeling a bit sorry for myself, and everyone else in this situation.
    I wish they would come up with something soon.
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    I wonder the same thing. My theory is that once my immune system was compromised that opened the door for everything that normally wouldn't affect me to jump in and it continues on and on. I explain my situation to people like this: imagine a very active elderly person that has a fall and that fall zapped them. The time they spent down during the healing process was to much on their system and they never were able to resume their once active life.
    To put this in my situation: I fell in October 1996. Before the fall I owned to salons. One tanning and massage, and the other hair and nails. It was normal for me to spend 13 to 14 hours a day at work even with chronic back pain. After the fall, nothing was the same for me. I never got my stamina back and I felt like the 15 years I worked with back pain was paying me back. I couldn't block it out anymore.
    One ailment after another has resulted in FM CFS MPS IBS TOS etc..... I gave up waiting for the day to come when I would be back to normal.
    It's funny you say wastebasket because that is the term they use for FM. "a wastebasket diagnosis"
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    Researchers believe that there are multiple defective genes in most of us with these illnesses. What is manifested depends on which genes are defective.

    The number of symptoms which show up years before we get sick with these illnesses are numerous, but we usually don't see the connection until years later when we look back.

    Love, Mikie