Watch "Katie" on Wed Oct 9: Lyme Disease and a Lyme Literate MD

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    Be sure to watch or record the Wed Oct 9 episode of Katie Couric's show, called "Katie".

    She will be talking about Lyme Disease and will have Dr H from NY, a Lyme literate MD, on the show.

    I hope they will be able to relay the real truth about how serious Lyme and chronic Lyme disease are, how common it is, how many people are undiagnosed/misdiagnosed and how long term treatment does help.

    Check your local listings for the time in your area. It varies by location and what cable or satellite provider you have. She is on abc here, but I'm not sure if her show is always on abc or not.

    (Part of the show will also be about Daniel Radcliffe, so don't think you got the wrong episode).
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    The first Dr who spoke, Dr Halperin, is NOT a Lyme literate MD. He presented some very inaccurate information unfortunately. He said that Lyme testing was accurate and 95% of people infected eventually will get a positive Lyme test...that is sooo wrong.

    Dr Horowitz (LLMD) said testing is is 50/50.

    Dr Halperin talked like everyone gets a bulls-eye rash, maybe they just didn't see it...also very wrong. Only about 50% of people get a bulls-eye rash. He also said that a short course of antibiotics is usually all that is necessary....ugh!

    Dr Horowitz, a Lyme literate MD, did a good job in the short time that he had to speak. He is so right about people not having just Lyme disease. Ticks transmit many diseases. He made a very good point that all the infections must be properly diagnosed and treated so that the patient gets better.

    Dr Horowitz used the analogy that if you go to the Dr with 16 nails in your foot and the Dr removes 2 of them and the patient says "my foot still hurts" have to remember to remove all of the nails.

    Two of Dr Horowitz's patients appeared on the show, one of whom had been paralyzed from the neck down. She is much better after long term treatment for multiple infections.

    Everyone I know who is being treated for Lyme by a Lyme literate MD has also been found to have other tick-borne infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mt Spotted Fever, and others such as Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. Most Dr's do not even look for those other infections.
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    I always cringe when I hear that one of our illnesses is going to be featured on a TV show. More often than not, the issues are only topically discussed and/or much misinformation is given out.

    I watch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (I know, I know, trash for the mind :) but one of the most health conscious and fit women got Lyme Disease and was bedridden 9 months. She discusses it from time to time. She is doing much better but cannot keep up physically like she used to do. She talked about the stress it caused for her husband and was worried that he might tire of her (he hasn't).

    The docs put a tube into her heart to deliver antibiotics directly and they showed it on the program when the tube was removed. I've never heard of such a thing. I think putting this woman's story out there is better than those so-called experts spreading misinformation.

    Love, Mikie