Watch Monday June 9 Only: 5 Great Presentations, Don't Miss This!

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    Extended through Tuesday, June 10 due to some technical difficulties.

    It is Encore Day at the Thyroid Summit. The 5 most popular presentations are being made available to watch today.

    Anyone with chronic illness can benefit from the information in these presentations by top Holistic Doctors and other practitioners. They talk about Fibromyalgia and fatigue often.

    You may think this does not apply to you if you think you do not have thyroid problems, but if you listen to the presentations you will be SO GLAD YOU DID!

    I learned so much! These Practitioners think outside the box, and we know how important that is!

    I was surprised to learn that at least 40-60% of Americans have thyroid disorders and the majority are undiagnosed.

    So many Doctors do not know how to properly evaluate and treat thyroid disorders.

    There is SO MUCH MORE information in these presentations, not just thyroid info. If you are chronically ill, I encourage you to watch.

    Here is the link. Check it out today and I think you will be glad you did.
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