Watch Saturday June 7:"Could You Have Lyme Disease and Don't Know it?" By Dr Horowitz

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    On Saturday, June 7, there will be a very helpful presentation by Dr Horowitz (a well known Lyme Literate MD), called, "Could You Have Lyme Disease and Don't Know It?" online at the Thyroid Summit. It will only be available to watch for FREE from Sat at 10 am Eastern until Sunday June 8 at 10 am Eastern time. You can still sign up now, then you will receive an email link each day to watch the offered presentations.

    Dr Horowitz wrote a book recently called "Why Can't I Get Better" and follows the MSIDS model. He says that people don't just have Lyme, they have Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome. I'm sure his talk will be packed with lots of great information, so don't miss it!

    You can sign up here:
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    This presentation was excellent! You can still watch until 10 am tomorrow (Sunday). This would be helpful for anyone with chronic illness because he talks about the 16 point model he follows to get to the root of each person's symptoms so he can treat all of the causes and help them get better.
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    I'm not watching it but an Iodine friend who is posted this info. I do believe I have a thread on Great Lakes Hydrosylate:

    (((I'm just going to toss this out there.

    Have been listening to the thyroid summit and Dr. Hotze's talk touched on hardening of arteries from a lack of collagen. We've discussed collagen at length here with the GL gelatin.
    He gave the example of his father who had a stent put in and the artery blew out from increased pressure. He likened it to an old pipe that was stiff and hard. When you increase the pressure, it blows out. The treatment for hardened arteries was more collagen. So you might think about getting the GL gelatin - the green can Jam recommends.)))

    I'm into my 4th month on GLH and for me it's a keeper and this is even more reinforcement on the need for collagen. jam