Watch "The Quest For The Cures...Continues", Tells the Truth About The Cancer Industry and Treatment

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    Episode 1 of 11: A must watch! It's an eye-opener!!

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    Here is the link to sign up to watch these episodes. There are 11 episodes, and the first one started March 30.

    Each day's episode is available to watch for free for 23 hours. You receive a daily email link to watch at your leisure.

    The first episode was amazing and exposed so much information that we all should hear about!

    We could be the next one who has to make important decisions about cancer treatment or prevention, so don't miss this!
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    Thank you for this great informative videos.

    I was working with a co-worker with cancer and then one day he decided to give up. His doctor was telling him that natural treatments and nutritional interventions will not help him. He decided to continued feeding his cancer with sugar and carbohydrates as his doctor advised him.

    This poor man will leave behind 5 kids...

    I remember when I had symptoms of B12 deficiency. My doctor advised me to learn to live with it. I had thoughts of running him over with my car and telling him to learn to live with it.

    We need to educated people not to trusts conventional doctors as most of them are limited in evaluating and treating chronic disease.
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    Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery -
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    Hi RadioFM,

    You're welcome. That is really sad about the man dying of cancer.

    I can see how easy it is for most people to trust conventional medicine, since so many people have no medical knowledge or desire to do their own research. They just think that their doctor knows best. I see it everyday, and I'm sure you do too.
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    We are the canaries in the coal mine -Healing is possible-Never Give Up The Fight!
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    Everyday...Check out the links below:

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    Here are some take away's from Episode 2:

    If you have cancer, you do not have an intact immune system.

    Must look at the cause of the cancer instead of just killing cancer cells.

    We need to put the proper things into our bodies to maintain our immune system.

    We also need to keep toxins out, decrease inflammation, and heal negative emotions.

    Americans eat 150 pounds of sugar per year, and cancer only survives on sugar.

    Sugar decreases immunity.

    Cancer also likes an anaerobic and acidic environment.

    PET Scans use a radiated sugar to show where the cancer is.

    Cancer cells become weakened when sugar is removed.

    One 12 oz Pepsi or Coke has enough sugar to shut down a minimum of 50% of the immune system for 4hours, plus the ph of those drinks is very acidic (2.5-2.7)

    42-46% of cancer patients die of malnutrition.

    Conventional Doctors regularly prescribe sugar in the form of Ensure, and usually provide sugary snacks and candy in the Chemo room.

    Neutrophils make up the largest number of immune cells in our body, but they can't "see" cancer.

    Natural Killer Cells can "see" cancer.

    The following information from Tony Jiminez, MD (Scientist, researcher, lecturer) was very interesting and helpful:

    In one cubic centimeter of malignant tumor there are 1 billion cancer cells.

    65% of those cells are dormant (in resting phase), 35% are active in synthesis phase.

    99% are non-cancer stem cells and 1% are cancer stem cells.

    Chemo and radiation make cancer stem cells more active and aggressive because they are immortal and survive in the blood stream.

    The immune system can't recognize cancer stem cells ("The 5 star generals directing the invasion") because they have a protein on the cell surface that shields them from the immune system.

    Chemo and radiation suppress the immune system.

    Non cancer stem cells can't metastasize.

    Chemo affects the non cancer stem cells and the tumor shrinks, giving a false impression of remission, but the cancer stem cells will never be addressed with chemo or radiation.

    He said to check out Dr Robert Rowen's article about cancer stem cells in the Jan 2014 newsletter "Second Opinion".

    A few things can affect cancer stem cells, such as green tea extract, metformin, and ellagic acid found in foods like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and is also in the green tea extract.

    It's difficult to extract cancer stem cells from a human and keep them alive in the lab to be studied. Only a few labs do this and it is very expensive.

    (That is the end of my notes from Dr Jiminez.)

    80% of our immune system is in the mucosal lining of our GI tract.

    Doctors don't heal, the immune system heals.

    Stop dealing with symptoms and deal with the causation.

    Can't depend on chemo or radiation to cure cancer because you need your immune system.

    Chemo and radiation damages organs, nerves, etc.

    The cancer industry is driven by greed and money.

    An herb or plant cannot be patented, so there is no financial gain, but lots of people are healed by natural treatments.

    The outcomes are very poor for conventional treatment of cancers, although some blood cancers and testicular cancers have better outcomes.

    If your hormones are not working, the immune system can't function.

    There are many people with low thyroid due to wheat and radiation effects.

    Excess estrogen can cause cancer to grow faster.

    Obesity contributes because people eat too much sugar, and cancer survives on simple sugars only, not complex carbs, fats or proteins.

    Normal fat cells are not necessarily carcinogenic. Inflammation if carcinogenic.

    Toxins impact the liver and in turn the colon or kidneys.

    Work with the liver and gut to correct leaky gut, dysbiosis, candida, detoxification.

    Health does not come through a needle (vaccine).

    Health comes from an intact immune system, good nutrition with appropriate nutrients, and good detox.

    Up to 95% of cancers are caused by environmental toxins according the the American Cancer Society's "Cancer Facts and Figures".

    One cancer survivor who had stage 2 prostate cancer told how he followed Bill Henderson's protocols from his book and dealt with his dental issues, diet and emotional issues to heal from cancer. 8 months later he was cancer free.
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    Thanks so much for your summary, @Nanie46.
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    You're welcome, @jkennedy!

    I hope a lot of people are able to watch this series.
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    I am still watching the 11 part docu-series, "The Truth About Cancer". There are many doctors and other experts presenting very helpful information about natural cancer treatments.

    In my opinion, Dr Tony Jimenez has presented the most astounding and new information that I have heard so far. What an amazing Dr he must be!

    You can listen to an interview with him from the series at this link.
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    There is a free replay of all 11 episodes of The Truth About Cancer...The Quest for the Cures Continues" until Sunday night April 12 2015 at Midnight Eastern time.

    There is so much amazing information in these episodes! I hope you will check them out.

    Here is the link to all 11 presentations.
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    I really enjoyed watching these presentations. Thanks again for posting this up!