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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Iamwell, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I recommend watching the documentary "Burzynski" to anyone who has Netflix. It can be watched instantly on Netflix. It's about Dr. Stanislow Burzynski and his cancer treatment and the FDA's and National Cancer Institute's attempt to steal his discovery and treatment protocol.

    I always felt that giving to cancer organizations was worthless and it has only reinforced my belief and it made me wonder "can we trust anything these organizations say about anything"? Money corrupts and human lives are left trampled under the feet of the greedy.

    I heard a statistic and I don't know if it's correct but it stated that at the turn of the century the chances of getting cancer were 1 in 50. Today it's one in 2. Already in my family within the last three years there have been 5 cancer diagnosis. The ages of these people are 19, 24, 54, 77, 68. Two of these people are dead today. Don't know what the future of the others will be but I'm sure in the next few years there will be more family members with cancer.


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    Children's Hospital because the money is spent treating children regardless of the family's ability to pay.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've come across his name a couple of times but know nothing about him, but would like to learn more.

    I know that medical research is often highly political - what illnesses get the grants for research is extremely political (look at CFS left in the dust for decades), what papers are published, and so on. People's careers can get destroyed if they venture too far off the straight and narrow path of mainstream medicine.

    A woman reseracher's career was destroyed after she blew the whistle on the presence of a carcinogenic monkey virus in millions of polio vaccines back in the early 1960's (this virus is now still with us, causing cancers - if you want to learn about it, read The Virus and the Vaccine - it's fascinating and very depressing at the same time, how supposedly objective studies were tweaked to get the results teh government wanted (no presence of virus) and how dozens of other studies were discounted, etc., and how this virus may very well be a strong factor in the huge number of cancers today) Money does corrupt.

  4. Iamwell

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    Dr. Burzynski has a website and is conducting phase 3 clincial trials OK'd by the FDA so if anyone wants to go there you can check it out .

    The FDA and the National Cancer Insitute need to be prosecuted for trying to steal Dr. Burzynski's patent and in doing so keep the pubic from a possible effective treatment for cancer. How many people have you known that have died of cancer since Dr. Burzynski's treatment was developed?

    So OK if the FDA has done something that is so bold and corrupt what else are they doing to derail treatment for other diseases?

    The war on cancer? The only people that are fighting the war are the patients and family. The FDA, Big Pharma, and Cancer organizations are building an empire.

    Mikie its nice that you give to St. Jude they seems to care about helping children and the treatment is free to the patients.

    Mary I have heard about the monkey virus and cancer but I doubt if the truth will come out.

    Jamin keep taking your supplements and I hope you find something to help your arthritis pain soon.

    Peace everyone

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