Water’s Unexpected Role in Blood Pressure Regulation

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    Water’s Unexpected Role in Blood Pressure Regulation
    July 7, 2010

    “The newly discovered system and its molecular mediators… may be targets for blood pressure regulation, particularly in situations of low blood pressure and fainting.”

    Name a drink that can make you more alert for late-night studying, prevent you from fainting after giving blood, and even promote a teensy bit of weight loss.

    Chances are you didn't say water. But that's the right answer.

    Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Autonomic Dysfunction Center have shown that ordinary water - without any additives - does more than just quench thirst. It has some other unexpected, physiological effects.

    It increases the activity of the sympathetic – fight or flight – nervous system, which raises alertness, blood pressure and energy expenditure.

    for complete article go to http://tinyurl.com/2ug7zvk

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