Water Arobics I have muscles I didn't know I had

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. rosemarie

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    Last night I found that under all the flab of my belly I really do have stomache muscles and this morning I knew it for sure as they are very sore..I also found out that My shoulders and wrist have muscles that are not worked like normal people do.
    I love the class there is just one problem the water is too cold for my aching body. But the only pool that is owned by the city is out doors and it is cooler than your body temp. So even on a warm night the water is cold to me and it makes my knee's ache.
    To get warmed up I have to work really hard or stand on a underwater light.
    I don't know what to do this winter as I can't afford a membership to one of the gyms that has a indoor pool so I am hoping to find a local high school and see if they offer class's at night. I am not able to work out in the am as I can't think that early in the morning.
    Well off to take a hot bath as I am aching all over .
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    hi rosie, i hope that yu dont think that i am being nosy but iam trying to help yu. do you get ssi? or a disability check at all?
    if yu do the YMCA has a program that you can get a membership for free. hope they hae one in your town. another thing. dont worry about what yu look like (many are worse-lol, but in the YMCA GO STRAIGHT TO THE HOT SHOWERS AFTER EXCERISE. YOU CAN EVEN DO IT STILL IN YU BATHING SUIT. YOU CAN ALSO USE THE SAUNA FOR A FEW MINUTES,UP TO 15 I THINK.


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  3. gapsych

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    Rosemarie, My physical therapist recommended warm water therapy as cold water can make your muscles contract.

    Our Y has the warm water aerobics classes. Good idea.

    My PT recommended that I only do prescribed exercises for a period of time before taking an actual class. She even laminated the exercise sheet so it would not get water damage.

    This was after six weeks of warm water therapy with the PT. She felt I needed to work up to the class very slowly. They also were kind enough to write a letter to the place I get WWT, to get a discount.

    I was so impressed with the PT. She said all the PT's in the department, have to take a two week inservice on Fibro/Chronic Fatigue. Now that is progress!!

    Hope this helps.
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    I just started a stretching routine as well as weight lifting. I lift a whole 5lb weight (I laugh as I spent years in gyms) - and absolutely die the next day. I can't believe there are so many muscles in the arms and shoulders!

    But, I'll keep plugging away. So maybe you can check out some of the suggestions offered. Or how about yoga - I've heard wonderful things about it and FM.
  5. rosemarie

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    My wrist is hurting so much these days that I want to scream. But it would not do any good. I picked up my 1 yr old grandson alot to day and played with him helping him to walk around with me. HE will be one on the 5th but to have both sets of grandparents together we had his party today.
    So cute he was as he played with his very own birthday cake, made a huge mess , tried to feed the mashed up chocolate cake in his mommies mouth, his hands were sticky with cake on them. HE was laughing and having so much fun,To bad for him as today no more playing with his food.

    Skikat: I get ssd {social security disiablty} No SSDI where you get extra for having young kids at home or a husband that you care for. I get just under $400.00 a month and in OCtober it will be $96.40 less as I will be on medicare {unicare} Transional medicare. I am covered just like medicare part b but better I just have to make sure that who I see and what hosptial i go to will bill UNicare over medicare . It is a good plan and I don't have to pay extra for this insurance. Hubbys insuracne will still cover Dental , vision, pharmcy.

    gapsych:NO YMCA here or any where close to me. We have the towns Aqua Center and that it all.It is out side so it lasts till labor day if we can keep everyone comming till then. Some in the class are going to go to the club that has a heated in door pool but the membership is far to spendy for me so I am going to call the high schools and find out if they have deep end water areobics in the fall and how much it costs. The water will be warmer there . Wish I had a ymca but no such luck.

    I too start slowly working up to the exercises and do alot of streching at the end of class I also streach in the mornings when I get up as it helps to get my muscles working right. I asked my MD about the water areobics and he thinks it is great. I hope that I willbe able to keep doing them this winter.

    I am so tired and yet can't sleep. MY legs ache and my wrist aches and I just started reading Breaking Dawn {new Book} Don't want to stop reading it now.
    Better go to bed as I have to take Mom to church in the am and I am not a morning person even when church starts at 10:45 am would rather sleep in .

    Thanks for the posts you have helped me lots I am going to ask the instructer for a copy of the exercises we have been doning. She changes them every other week so we don't get bored but my problem is not being bored but keeping my belly button sucked into my back bone adn still doing the exericse's.
    Lots of hugs to all

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