Water Fasting

Discussion in 'Detoxification' started by MsBrandywine, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Has anyone done this? My Mom and StepDad do it regularly. My Mom is just finishing up her 2nd week.. Shes so weak that she is scaring me.
    Shes been in bed since yesterday.. Shes 75 and think that shes heavy but then says it gets rid of all of the poison in your body.. She did just start eating Vegetables last night.. Which They follow this book .. Faithfully!... They tell how to start back up eating ..

    She said when you do this.. its cleansing your body of bad poisons in your body. She said it helps her Fibro.. but yet shes so weak.. It scares me every time she does this..

    They also do the Grape one where that is all you eat for 3 days to a week and thats suppose to help get rid of poisons in our body..anyone else ever hear of this or do these?
    Does it help you?
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    but I just read an article that one can fast between 3 and 30 days. Ideally one should fast for the briefist amount of time as possible and not the longest amount of time. I don't know about the grapes other than I have read that red grapes are rich in the antioxidants and has other healthful things in it to help people with inflammation and other conditions.

    I hope this helps! :)
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    my husband did a 2 week water/coffee fast a few years ago. (he drank one or two cups of coffee each day because he didn't want to give that up). He was in his late forties at the time and has fm. At first I was worried, but he seemed to do just fine. He didn't seem weak, but then he was 25 years younger than your mom.

    He said that after the first couple of days he felt great. Very light, clear headed and much less pain. Every now and then he talks about doing it again, but has yet to do it.

    Regarding grapes, I would recommend only organic since they are in the "dirty dozen" (foods that you should try to buy organic as much as possible, because they contain the most pesticide residues).

    If my husband were to fast again, I would recommend that he keep a food diary once he started eating again and introduce foods one or two at a time. Since he felt so much better on the fast, I suspect that something in his diet may contribute to his symptoms. However, he just doesn't want to spend time or effort to investigate this. Hard for me to believe...