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    I had my first water therapy yesterday and as I said in the past, it couldn't have come at a better time. Prior to me arriving, I was having problems with my legs, especially below my knees all the way to my toes.

    Magically, when I arrived and got into the pool which was not to hot but in the grove, and I couldn't feel the pain in my lower body. However, I could still feel the pain in my upper body cuz I was in 3 feet of water (waist), to start out with and they had me do certain excercise first for my lower body.

    The excercises consisted of movements like leg stretches, standing on my toes, walking sideways, etc., the type of excercise we only dream to be able to do on dry land. Once I finished the lower body parts, they had me move over to the deep end. Get this, four and half feet! Then they had me do excercises for my upper body. While in the water, I could feel no pain at all. It was as though my body was lifeless, but breathing. Did that make sense?

    After only a half hour in the pool and because it was my first time, the therapist informed me that we were done for the day and that eventually I would be able to stay in the water for an hour.

    I thought, my goodness, I could stay in this water for hours but I have to follow the therapists orders. To my surprise as I walked across the pool towards the stairs and as I tried to lift just one leg to the first step, I couldn't. It was as though my leg weighed at least 500 lbs. So I grabbed hold of the bar and put my other leg on the step and then my body felt like it weighed 1,000 pounds. Then I knew I was in trouble. The therapist made a comment like, "Welcome to gravity" and helped me get out of the pool.

    After getting myself out, I took a warm brief shower there and the heaviness went away and I was able to function again but I felt tired. So I drove myself home and ended up taking a nap. When I woke up from the nap, I was still tired but one thing I wasn't and that was acky.

    Even today, as you can see, I have been able to respond to several posts today, because I actually feel that this one day of water therapy, along with the nap, actually worked! I mean, My rhuemy has prescribed me with 12 weeks, (3x week), of water therapy, so I can only imagine what it is going to do for me. I literally don't have pain in my legs right now and if I do, I'm sure It's at least 80% less.

    What an experience. Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic experience that everyone should try at least once or twice.


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    You found relief from this!! I am allergic to chlorine, even being near a pool that's indoors gives me problems! So I can't do this-----but for anyone without this weird allergy, I think water therapy is the BEST!! I'm glad you found out what a difference it makes for you.

    Are you feeling a little better overall? We were all worried about you a few days ago, it's so nice to read your post, you sound enthusiastic & excited! Doesn't that feel good for a change?!

    Hope this new water therapy does wonders for you. Let everyone know if it's a winner.....there's magic in H2O, both drinking it & exercising in it!

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    It helps me so much, as well, and I'd recommend it to any of you guys! I also have the water massage therapy in which a "fire hose" of sorts is aimed at my muscles....this breaks up the adhesions in the fascia (I can't describe it) and it helped me more than anything else in the world. There was no pain and I was warned there may be, since I cannot tolerate a body massage in the affected areas, i.e., the backs and sides of my thighs. I loved it.....expensive, but truly worth it.
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    last year when I got out of the hospital I could hardly walk from rm to rm. As I got stronger I started going to aquacise. I did what I could & now I enjoy swimming I don't do alot but what I can & it is Great. But I've found that over the winter I haven't gone as much because of the cold so I am looking for ward to spending more time at the pool.
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    Three and a half years ago, I started back in the pool and my first trip was much like yours, especially the getting out part!!!!!

    Now I take water aerobics three times a week, hour long class, if the instruction cannot make it, I lead. The pool is wonderfully therapeutic. Keep it up, and remember you can overdo in the pool.

    Poor Pam, allergic to chlorine!!!!
    Fondly, June