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    as a 38 year old p.e teacher istarted going down hill fast with cfs as i was working a 7 day week and teaching aerobics and boxing as well as running 2 swim schools ontop of my normal job!! finalyy diagnosed christmas eve 2005. here in the u.k no g.ps will even offer any suggestions or course of action. for me maximol(from healthier solutions) and evenong primrose , flax seed oils.
    just started 3ml of vit b12 intermuscular a week which has totally eleminated the brain fog(eleminates nitric oxide in the brain). as i used to swim twice a day up to 6000m in total i managed to get in the water after 6 months and this is the only time i feel well as it does not stain and the hydrostatic pressure of water drains the lymphatic system as well as increasing ithe blood flow through the brain stem. stay clear of t.v and the computer as this is a killer and puts me into a full blown relapse for 3 or 4 days
    hpoe this helps
    charlie (charlie.northey@fsmail.net)
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    My doctor also believes strongly in the ability of water to make you feel better.

    I do not have the facilities near me and I have MCS (especially to chlorine) that keeps me away from official hydrotherapy BUT....I use my tub. I add salts and relax and it helps with the pain and stress plus a mini detox.

    Thank you for sharing.