Water Testing (VOC's)

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    Just FYI, the County Health Department (in my area) does not come out to do water testing at a residence with a well. This is what they told me. First we have to hire a professional company, and then go from there.

    Yes it's all time consuming and cost a lot of money. I bet this is where most people say the hell with it...well not when there is a 2 1/2 year old child involved. Our attorney will be handling this. I'm too weak at this point. I'm the in proper hands now as far as medical care, so I am at peace. I'm sure the paperwork will start to vanish, but that's okay, there are many copies. Even though I am very ill, the potential genious i.q. is still (somewhat) there. lmao

    It's just very very sad for me to see the medical community put so many people through hell.

    Did you know that open MRI's cannot detect demylenating (sp?) lesions as well as closed one's can? I never knew this. They're going to knock me out because I can't stand closed spaces.

    I'll end this here.

    My best wishes to you all,
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    Sorry to hear of your problems. It is just so much different when you get FM thru something other than genetics. It is angering.

    You are doing the best thing you could do, to protect your family. I hope it all works out.

    By the way, what exactly is "demylenating (sp?) lesions"? I had an open MRI after my accident for the claustrophobic reason, and it picked up nothing. I have felt something in my neck since the beginning and no one believes it really because they cannot 'see' it.

    Maybe I should request it redone with the closed? What do you think?
    Best wishes,
    Another Melanie (Lanie)
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    They told me (two different doctors) that it is better to have a closed MRI to detect lesions when trying to diagnosis a disease like M.S. I know most places have open MRI's now. I got bumped to the top of the list to get one in a closed unit. They're going to drug me so I'm out. I can't stand closed places like that. Kinda like Fear Factor :) lol