Water Therapy and Insurance

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by segrin, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. segrin

    segrin New Member

    Hello all,
    Does anyone's Rheumy send them to water therapy for FM and if so does insurance cover it and do you think the water therapy helps at all or is it just like everything else only works for a short time if at all.
    Thanks for comments
  2. Dee33K

    Dee33K New Member

    I have been going to "Warm Pool Therapy"- The Arthritis Foundation's Class for almost 3 years now. I sent myself. I have a pain Dr. Not a Rheumy. It is not a class with a PT. It has an instuctor so it does not qualify for insurance coverage. It is by far one of the most important things I do for myself!

    It is not expensive though. It is $40 for twice a week or $55 for 3 times a week- One hour classes. I would not miss it for the world!

    You should try it. Staying stretched out and the mobility really helps me.

  3. donnadee

    donnadee New Member

    My doctor wants to send me for water therapy but she doesn't think my insurance will pay for it. Also my rheumy doctor wants to give me the pain patch but she doesn't think the insurance will pay for that. I have rhumey dr. and family dr. they both say they can't treat people the way they want to, most treatment I have to get a referal. Some meds my family dr. wanted to give me ins. would not approve. My family dr. may drop my ins. because of stuff like that. Hope she doesn't I really like her alot. Have a good day Donna
  4. segrin

    segrin New Member

    I am going to ask my Dr on my next visit. I have a pool at home and this summer I did exercises in it and felt better than when I walk etc and now the winter is aproaching and the pool is closed I want to continue but wonder about the ins picking it up if Dr. sent me and thanks for telling me the differance between the PT and warm water therapy.

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