Water upsets my stomach

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dainty45, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Dainty45

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    I know we are supposed to drink a lot of water, but it upsets my stomach. So, I don't drink nearly enough, I can't have to much caffeine, no diet sodas and some flavored waters also upset my stomach, especially ones with vitamins in them. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!!

    Take Care everyone, have a good day!!! SB
  2. CanBrit

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    I used to have terrible problems with my bowels. Now we're on a well, both my husband and I are fine. I think that cities put so many chemicals into the water that it affects many with this condition.

    I'd switch to purified, distilled or any good bottled water.


  3. pammy52

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    I have never been able to drink water for the first couple of hours I am up,even after eating something.
    I find the temp. of the water can make a diff..
    Sometimes ice cold sets in my stomach better and other times not so cold is better.

    I add slices of lime to my water which helps me and sometimes a bit of Stevia.

    Also homemade ice tea...I like decaf green tea with a bit of Stevia. 6 teabags to a gallon jug, either by the sun tea method or just letting the bags steep in a couple of cups of boiling hot water for 3-5 min. and then remove them and add cold water.
    Sipping ginger ale in between also helps settle my stomach on those days the water makes it queasy.

    Also the only way I can drink an adequete amount of water is to use a 64oz water btl..
    It works best for me to have a visual reminder of how much I have consumed.
    Somedays I can get down 1, some days 2 and somedays only 1/2 of 1, but at least I remember to drink water each day!!

    Good Luck,

  4. namow

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    I have the same problem, what I did was try different brands because it makes a difference...I found out that for mi dasani water was thoe one I can take, no other one.
    Good water luck!
  5. patches25

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    The only one I find I can drink is Evian. And even that is somewhat limited. I too wish I could drink more but haven't found anything. Juices just eat my stomach up and just sit there for hours. Coffee tea same thing. Haven't found an answer to getting more fluid. Well, at least I have my Evian. E.
  6. Cycie

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    It's strange, when I think about something that is wrong, i look at the board and there it is, someone asking the same question.

    I get really sick on the stomach if I drink a lot of water and it drives me mad, but I can drink lots of fizzy drink and it doesn't bother me?????? very strange.

    Sorry I can't give you any info on how to rectify this, but if you do find out, please let me know.

    Take care, Hugs cycie
  7. Bambi

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    refused to treat my pain with anything but NSAIDS..mostly Aleeve prescription strength. Once the ulcer business started I couldn't drink water or practically breathe without it bothering my stomach..for six years I had problems.

    Now it's only occasional and I use half a chewable Pepsid which stops it. We also bought a counter top water distiller from Sears..at $1.59
    a gallon (and I use it for my pets and cooking too) it was just getting too expensive to buy it. Now my husband found an ice machine that you pour your own water into and we're getting that right away also. I only like cold water and drink a LOT of it.