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  1. kbak

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    I have been seriously thinking of going back to a waterbed. Does anyone here sleep in one, and do you feel you sleep better in it?

    I have never sleep well since I got rid of mine in 1999. I'd like to go back to one since you don't have pressure point problems.

    I don't think I've read anywhere, with people suffering CFS/fibro, where it's suggested to try a waterbed.

  2. naturebaby

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    I slept on a waterbed for 7 years because my husband wouldn't give it up. It was "waveless" but man, whenever he'd roll over, I'd get rolled over too!

    I had a back vertabrae fracture at age 20 and was told to never sleep on one (poor support for spine). Wish I'd listened. I'm convinced the waterbed contributed to my poor sleep and helped trigger fibro in me.

    But that's just my experience! Wishing you well, nature
  3. WeBee7

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    We just bought one that is tubes in a mattress I love it!~ Much firmer that a regular waterbed, and u can use the regular sheets. Ours adjust from soft to firm, depening on how much you fill up the tubes. But for the life of me, I can't remember what these type of beds are called!!!!!
  4. WoodstocksMusic

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    In May 1994 I purchased a select number bed (air) mine is one of the middle price range bed. It has 2 chambers and I hardly know when hubby turns over on his side.

    I think it was one of the most dramatic improvements I saw on my way back from nearly bedridden flare.

    I spent almost 2 years either in bed or in recliner, seldom getting out of my PJ's. I might be lucky and get out of the house once a month.

    My air bed has been a gift from God. My tenderpoints do not act up and I can adjust it from firm to soft with the touch of my remote control.

    I recommend you do an internet search and locate a dealer near you and go lay on one before you get a water bed. The water bed cannot be changed during the night.

    If I want to lay on tummy I use a middle setting and to lay on side or back I use a very low setting. The tenderpoints hardly every flare up since I got this bed!
  5. nanna4550

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    I have had my waterbed for several years. When my hubby and I got married, he said he was not going to give up his firm mattress. Well, I asked him to just try it and if it didn't work out we would switch to his bed. He loves the waterbed as much as I do.
    Its one that looks like a mattress. It has two baffles and
    each person can adjust the water level to wherever they like. There are also horizontal supports built into the rubber that give your spine the support it needs.
    Whenever I sleep in another bed, my body hurts much more.
  6. kbak

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    I'm going to a place that has many different bedding choices, so I'll try a lot of different things.
  7. jbennett2

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    We had a waterbed for many years. Last year when the heater died (the second one), my dh decided he wanted to try a firmer type mattress for his back pain. Well, we got a memory foam mattress; it has helped him, hurt me.

    I WANT MINE WATERBED BACK! Ours had "bafffles", so it wasn't totally free-flowing. I never had lower back pain when sleeping on it. Now I have it all the time. It's odd that any chiro or PT will tell you that waterbeds are the worst thing for your spine.