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    So, awhile ago my husbands' friend brought a date to our house for dinner. She started to complain of a headache and I asked her if she would like a tylenol, advil, OTC this or that, ect...She replied that she was on generic vicodin for these severe headaches she kept experiencing -problem being this,"batch," she had, was made by Watson - which in her opinion did not work so well. I thought that was odd and but, didn't make much of it. I take hydroconde sometimes, for fibro but never have a real refill thing going because I build up a tolerance to it quick. I went to have another stupid xray today, on the broken wrist. They gave me a script for vicodin and for whatever reason I had it filled there. Not what I usually do. It was way more expensive than Walgreens and not working at all...I checked the pill closer and sure enough - made by Watson. Weird. Annoying!! Anyone else experince this? Anyone know what the deal is here?
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    when i worked in the emergency room and i have had 4 courses in pharmacology when i was taking my pre med course. if i remember people did bring that up quit often and it seemed to be with pain meds only. one doctor told me that patients who were good at drug seeking would come back onto the er at night time after being there during the day and complain their pain meds or the generic ones the doctor gave them would not work or made them sick. then they told the doctor what they wanted. most of the time it was for a generic pain med stronger. so the doctor would say to them "i thought you were allergic to the generic hydocodone ? most of the time by then the person was on the way out the door.
    we had that happen a lot, and not that people who haev problems are addicted just it reminded me of the old emergency room days and the time we wasted on stuff like that. kind of funny but sad.
    i had a pharmacist tell me not to long ago that for example "vicoden 7.5" and "hydrocodone 7.5" were made off the same assembly line out of the same stuff ! now wether he is right or not i dont know, but he had been to a plant and observed the process !
    well be well all bill
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    I dont have experience with this particular medicine but I do know that with some of the psych meds that people can have problems not reacting the same way to the generic as they do to the name brand.

    I dont like generic klonopin. Im normally forced to take it because of the difference in cost but I can tell the difference. I did much better on Klonopin wafers than I ever do on generic klonopin pills.

    Many kids do better on Name brand Adderall than they do on generic adderall for ADHD.

    Just something I have noticed over the years.
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    how different we all are at times, for having these dd's.
    I perfeer, the Watson brands myself.
    I'm on Norco , Hydrocodone with less Tylenol, that works the best for me.

    I also have to have a certain brand for my Vistril, it's still a generic, but works better than some do.

    So Sorry about your broken wrist, I hope you mend fast.

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    I don't think the problem here is that it is generic - I think it is Watson generic. I can not, for the life of me remember the other generic brands I have had in the past for vicodin....but, these Watson brand sux. No relief and I have a headache that I am convinced is from this med. Oh well! Lessen well learned...just wondered if anyone else had this happen.