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  1. SnooZQ

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    On another thread you mentioned something about healthcare workers taking LDN as a possible flu preventative.

    I tried googling to bring that up but struck out. Do you have a link or search terms?

    Am taking LDN at present but wondering about adding colostrum to it & having Sambucol around just in case. Any comments?

    Best wishes.
  2. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi SnooZQ,

    The following link was posted on Cort's site and I thought it was fairly comprehensive and gave a good overview of the history and current applications for LDN. I'm not sure if this was where I saw the reference to health care workers taking it however.


    There's a good thread over there which describes some positive immune system benefits which is helping with CFS/FM symptoms. As I remember, Sushi (username) seems to be getting the best results. The thread can be accessed at: (I think)


    Based on Sushi's descriptions, I expect to be trying this in the near term. I have Lyme and some people with Lyme are reporting good results with it also. I might add that it is being used for all kinds of illnesses where improved immune function is a factor. Like cancer, MS, digestive disorders, etc.

    Good luck on your LDN experiment. It's one of those things that I think has good potential and yet seems to be relatively low cost. My kind of therapies! :)

    Regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 09/30/2009]
  3. SnooZQ

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    I'll ck out those links.

    So far, so good w/the LDN since July/08. I'm home-compounding -- my cost is $70/yr.

    I'm having to order generic LDN from abroad, unfortunately unable to find local physician to RX the 30 tablets needed per yr ... I find this extremely irritating. If I were a recreational substance abuser, I'd probably have no trouble getting the RX many times over.

    Best wishes
  4. jenbooks13

    jenbooks13 New Member

    How do you home compound LDN?

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