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    hi all,

    just got some standard blood tests done through my pcp to see where i'm at. a note to ffc patients: low dose cortisol works! in june, my cortisol level was 7.4, i went on 5 mg cortisol/daily for 3 months then went off in september. 4 months later my cortisol level is 17.4!

    what i really want to talk about is white blood cell counts. mine was 5.8 in february '04, 4.9 in june then dropped to 3.9 (3.8 is the lower reference range) on my latest test. should i be concerned about this? does it indicate anything important or does this number wax and wane? the doctor didn't even mention it to me since it was in the normal range. anyone informed when it comes to interpreting WBC results, please reply.

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    i was just reading another post of yours where you were consulting someone on their WBC count and you seem very knowledgeable. thanks for the reassurance!

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    for 27 years since the birth of my youngest child. Something went haywire after pregnancy or C-section as my WBC became below normal and has stayed that way ever since. Some people have cyclic changes and mine just stayed low--drs calling it constitutional leukopenia.

    Not sure if it had anything to do when i first started having FM and CFS attacks, however, I can say that I haven't been really sick because of it. I do sometimes feel that I carry viruses longer than the average person--but think this is what CFS is.

    I used to be down at 2.0 and now I'm close to 4.0. Eating good foods, supplements to nurish my immune system helps.

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    mine has been low too, below normal at one point, I was retested a month later and it is now on the low side of normal, I wonder if this is an FM thing?