We all need support even mod's

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cnttakenomore, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. cnttakenomore

    cnttakenomore New Member

    I think that everyone needs support including mods here, everyone needs to take their feelings in consideration also,they are here for us- not trying to stir problems i just feel this room has been a rescue to me and i think we need to recognize everyone needs support EVERYONE..hugs and god bless cnttakenomore Ps. I would like to thank everyone for your comments on this matter it meant that this really is a place to be for ppl who care i have always had a big heart and the want to help people you are great friends here . Keep up the great love and compassion you have..
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  2. Sharon

    Sharon New Member

    Thank you so much for your kind words cnttakenomore and fanmod (lol). It means a lot to be recognized as one of the gang, instead of "big brother or sister" intent on ruining the fun.

    I have received so much support over the almost 10 years that I've been here, and it helps me when I can be there for someone else, too. We all need support to help us muddle through life with the challenges we have, and who better to seek out than others who understand through experience.

    Please don't be put off in the chat rooms because our names are in red, talk to us and get to know us-we're one of you in one way or another. Some of us have Fibro, some of us have other "stuff". Most of us, like you, have a BUNCH of other stuff! If you are curious, ask us, we might just have some insight or ideas that we have used that might help you.

    For those in the chatrooms, if you need help and don't see a red name in your room, you can go to the ProHealth Support room and leave a question or message and you can do it as a private message if you don't want everyone else to see it. For those here on the message board, please leave a message ATTN to moderator (or you can leave a specific name if you wish) and someone will get back to you asap. Also, you are welcome to email at forumsupport@prohealth.com. Please know that we'll respond to them as soon as we possibly can, especially if it is addressed to someone in particular.

    Thanks again Cnt and Fan, your support means so much!
    {{{{{{{{{soft hugs}}}}}}}}}}
  3. joiedee

    joiedee Member

    the messages here r so true, i have found the mods to be very kind and understanding. I for one am gratefull they r here. they do a great job all on a volunteer basis. kudo's to all the mods out there and thank you. cnt & fan said it better than any of us could.
  4. Tiffanie1

    Tiffanie1 New Member

    Yes U all have hit this one right on the head!! I do know what "sparked" this subject....It was so unfair to our "mod" friend!! Please all do know we have so much support here in Ph chat and we really need to support Everyone! Mods are people with feelings,life experiances,illness and needs as well as us!! Mabye it would "pay" for some people who come into chat to ask and Really Care what others are needing!I can tell U there have been times my friends have helped me when they didnt even have a clue they were......So Thanks Guys!!!!! Mabye ask urself...when I log in...can I be of help to someone? Sometimes U get to know theese Chatter friends and without them saying anything U just know....thats how we should all B!! Please take time to Thanks A mod or 2 Today!!(excuse my crappy spelling)XOXOXO Tiffanie

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