We all react to our fibro in different ways

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading some posts and found that we all feel and react differently .Yes this is a fourm for Fibromaligia, but we don't all react the same way to this disease. Not one of us has the same symptoms or how we react to those symptoms. We are all indivaduals.

    For some of us the need to ask for help in prayer is what we need, fibro affects us differently and sometimes you just need to know that someone will say a prayer for you. It does not mean that we need it everyday , but that we know that we have support here and feel comforatable with sharing our feelings .

    I come here and whine sometimes because I get to the point where my life seems to not be what I want it to be. And I don't like the way I feel, & act. When I come and vent it is all about me and what I need. I need some one just to listen to me complain about all the things that have changed in my life and why did this have to happen to me. It is my belief that fibro affects our emotions. It does mine, I cry more easily, and snap at family when there is really nothing to snap about.

    I hope that I am not sounding all know it all because I don't know it all. I just know that this place this forum is the best thing that has happened to me, I found people who believed in me and knew what I was talking about. They didn't comdem me for being on narcotic pain pills. You all accepted me just as I am and that is that way I do with you. AS I said before we are all different and yet we are the same, we need each other to talk to, to listen to us when we are down , or hurting more than usual.

    I believe that this forum is a great place to come and talk about everything,from having some one pray with me if that is ok with you. I don't expect you all to believe as I do or share the same religion as I do because you don't. And that is just fine with me. YOU are a wonderful group of people who are all trying to deal with this thing that has been shoved in to our lives.I know that you did not ask to have this in your life. And neither did I. But it is here any way and sometimes I just need someone that has a shoulder to cry on.

    I want you all to know ,{ that means all everyone that is on this forum} that I appericate the comments that you post in reply for me. You all accept me as I am and don't tell me that I am wrong to take pain pills and you don't all get on my case becasue I am taking narctic pain meds. You listen to me whine, cry and even complain about this dd and then you share with me how you deal with this too. I have nothing but the best to say about this forum.

    I have made some dear friends and I enjoy the fact that I get to learn more about this syndrome that I have to live with. I want to thank you all for putting up with me and my complaining about husband, daughters, Son's in law.
    AS they don't think I need or should be taking anything for pain. I don't seem to do much right when it comes to my family, as they don't like my Pain doctor, or the fact that he prescribes narcotic pain meds for me to help ease this horriable pain that I have.

    I thank you all for the gift of understanding that you all share with me each time I post. I know that we all don't feel the same way and our pains are not the same, but I know in my heart that here I am with friends. Who understand that I feel rotten today when I felt ok yesterday. You accept me as I am and for that I thank you all . What a wonderful gift you are to me. You brighten my days and make me feel as I have so many friends that accept me even though I take narcotics for the pain I have.

    I do my fare share of whinning , complaining about my husband ,daughters, and some of my friends that I have had for years that have no clue as to how I feel and what I really need. So I come here and I tell you just how I am feeling and you help me more than I can say.

    Thankyou for having this forum, a safe place where I can come and discuss my problems with you and you don't push me away , you pull me close to you and you help me with words of comfort and kindness. SO My dear friends I thank you all for your patienece{ sp} and your thoughts and you concern. You are all the greatest people I know. And you really do help me in more ways than I can tell you.

    I have learned that life with a chronic pain disease is a difficult life. I know that not one of us chose this fibro and what it does to us,I also know that it is so hard to have this and it is hard to tell someone that you have not met the deepest feelings taht you have.

    I said before that I don't know if this fibro is what has made me lose my cool more often, or cry for the dumbest reasons, and I know that my pain is not just like yours. We are all different in our reactions to living with fibro, we don't share the same beliefs but we have a common thread we all have the same syndrome and we are comming here to talk about how we feel and share our thoughts and stories about what has happened to us.

    Please let me thank you for your gifts of kindness , thoughtfullness, your understanding, acceptance of each other. Thank you for all you do for me. This is a place where I can come and acceptance, friends, kindness,& help with the aches and pains of daily living with fibro.
    Thanks to all on this forum, you are all a great support to me in my journey with fibro. Thanks for you help in understanding the fibro too. Your the best.!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGSto all}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Much love to all,
    P.S. I hope that I have not upset anyone with my thoughts that I hvae shared with you this day. I did not mean to cause anyone to be upset with what I have written.
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    I am truly sorry for how you feel. And what you have said has brought some tears to my eyes as you hit in some areas that I also feel the same as you do.
    Only my husband knows about my pain med's,I dont dare tell the rest of my family as I dont want them to look down on me.
    I needed to find some place I could go to ask questions and a place that I was able to go to and discuss this DD as I was ready to explode.
    I am so greatful for this forum as it has opened up my eyes to see that there is alot of others out there that have the same problems and that I am not all alone.
    I hope your feeling better real soon.
  3. Pianowoman

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    This forum is a warm accepting place for all of us. Many of us need a place to come and be understood. Thank you for your thoughts; you have not upset me at all!!

    Take Care
  4. chopindog

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    I am right there beside you on your thoughts and feelings. I also agree that this forum should be used for expressing our feelings, even if sometimes they are negative. We need eachother because we are the only people who can truly understand your feelings.

    No matter how supportive my family tries to be. They just don't get it. This illness is one that I believe you have to have to really understand.

    I think you have spoke well, and I don't think your post should offend anyone. Thank you for your thoughts!


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