we all want doctors who listen - experiences of a future med stud

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    My neice is considering medicine as a career. My brother and sister-in-law (her aunt and uncle) are doctors so she has been given lots of appropiate information, the pros and cons etc.

    She is everything the majority of patients really want. She's VERY intelligent, high motivated, has loads of stamina, a great sense of empathy with people, and is honest.

    She spent a day at a UK university on a course set up for future medical students.

    At the end of this she looked very concerned. It took some time for her mother to get to the root of what was worrying her.

    It turns out that at the end of the day they did some role playing. The setting was an A&E (ER) ward. When it was her turn to play the role of doctor she asked a question, listened to the reply the asked the next question according to her answer and so on until she felt satisfied she had enough information to act upon. She had actually been taught to do this on an advanced first aid course.

    She was taken to one side and told she should reconsider changing to nursing because she would make a good charge nurse; that perhaps medicine was not the ideal field for her.

    When she asked why it was all down to her taking too much interest in the individual, doctors don't have time for that she was told even though the whole thing took very little time indeed.

    The people running this day were described by her as "old and grey". Her mother picked her up on this since it could be percieved as ageism. Oh no, she said, it wasn't that - they behaved old and grey ie not motivational, inspiring or seemingly interested in the day or students.

    Needless to say she will not be applying to that university.

    But what a bad message this event puts across. If you are interested in patients don't do medicine seemed to be their assumption.

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    Just wanted to say hi - my name's Tansy too and I've never met another one!
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    Medicine is so mixed up. I wish I could say this surprises me, but unfortunately, it doesn't. I hope she sticks with it, as change will come one person at a time.
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    Yes she will definitely stick with it, she's not one to be put off though it did concern her at the time.

    It'll be a long time before she qualifies but at least when she is let loose on patients she will listen to what they have to say. As she so correctly say how can you learn if you don't listen.

    A school friend, a young neighbour, and of course her aunt, have CFS so she's already got a good understanding of it.


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    The system is broken!!!
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    I am sorry, but I had to chuckle at your Post title. Needless to say, I was disappointed when you weren't talking about the experiences of a Medical "Stud", I was all tingly there for a bit (blushing).

    Anyway, I am glad your niece is going into Medicine despite those Hippocratic hypocrites. My niece is also - starting next fall at the University.

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    Laughed when I saw your post. Actually I did type in student but the shortened version appeared on board.

    Brain is sooooo slooooow I completely missed it.