We are going away...............yahoo

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. annee

    annee New Member

    GB & I are going away for a week for a break away from 'everything'.
    I just wanted to say hi and wish you all well as I will be away from my computer for 9 days.
    I hope to find an internet cafe, but that is unlikely as the fishing villages we are staying near may not be that hi tech.
    We are going to the south coast of New South Wales and staying at a friends beach house - no kids.
    GB's mum is coming to stay and look after the 'teenagers'.
    Hang in there people.
    Be strong - like coffee :)
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  2. mom

    mom New Member

    Have a great time. You will sit and look at sunsets. Don't get up early enough for sunrises. Enjoy yourselves and come back rejuvenated.
    We will miss you but know that you are in a great place.
    have fun have romance have companionship. Get to know each other all over again.
    mom lynda
  3. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    Just wanted to say "HAVE A GREAT TIME", relax, and enjoy..You will come back feeling like a new person.. In my thoughts and prayers...Take Care..
  4. Pixie

    Pixie New Member

    Well, now , aint you something, Take care, have a great time and tell us all about your trip when you get back, will be waiting to hear what all yall did, where ya went, etc, and by the way I wanna go. you deserve this verrry much. take care and have a good time.