We are going to try and get pregnant

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    Hi Everyone!!!!

    Guess what? If you couldn't tell from the topic, my husband and me are going to try to have another baby! Since I found out I have endometriosis, and discovered it can cause you to be infertile, we thought we would try to concieve before it may get to late. We already have one little 18 month old boy, who just entered the terrible two's, so I'm a little dissarayed right now. However, I'd rather do it now, then not be able to later. My husband is so excited, he's been doing research on how to improve the chances of getting pregnant(he has been wanting another one since Jaden was only 3 months old!). Anyhow, just wanted to let all of my friends here at Prohealth in on my new found news in my life. I love you all, and my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you!
    Your Friend In Pain Too,
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    Good luck for you guys!!! How long have you had FM? I have FM, CFS and Endometriosis. I was told I couldn't have a baby because of the endometriosis (pretty severe) but just 8 weeks ago I gave birth to our baby boy!!!

    I wish you all the best and good luck with getting pregnant! I wish I could give you some tips on what helps but like I said we didn't even think it was possible so when we were told we were pregnant it was a complete shock!!!

    If you want to talk I am here! All the best!



    P.S. How was your FM affected after your child was born? During my pregnancy it actually went away, completely in remission but when he was about 5 weeks I got hit hard with it and postpartum depression. Good luck!
  3. 69mach1

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    just let things happen as they may...i wouldn't want to make it feel like it is a job...

    you could buy those new things out to help to predict the time of ovaluation...

    a little red wine and go for it...

    best wishes


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