We are not losers,malingers or anything else.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bubblesgirl, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. bubblesgirl

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    I read avidly the posts on the message boards that speak to me or make me curious about the content,I can't reply to them all because it would be a full time commitment. What strikes me the most here is that everyone is flying in the face of huge adversity. Even when we are in the depths of despair ourselves we reply to others who are going through harder moments.

    I don't believe that anyone can understand what this condition is like unless they have experineced it. I work hard and am still in full time employment through neccessity not choice the drain that has on me in terms of my health and well being is enornmous just as it is for everyone of us as members of this site. I don't malinger, I sometimes wish I had the loss of conscience that would allow me to. When I am off work it's because I can't do anyhting but rest.

    It has taken me a long time to accept that I no longer care what other people think. Let us all consider what we do in a day, a week, a month. In my life that is a huge amount, I am still thinking and taking an active part in the world as much as I can. I no longer have children to care for, but I do still have to run a home and find strength to maintain relationships. I have hobbies and a host of other things. I still have a brain that works most of the time.

    I am blessed that I have all my limbs and although they do not always work effectively I have the choice to walk etc.

    I am not going to let the world and the ignorance grind me down, because then others will have won my battle.

    I thank everyone on the site for offering comfort when I have needed it and I will do the same when its my turn, don't lets give up on oursleves. We go through enough not to have to worry about the opinions of others.

    Take good care of yourselves you deserve it.
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    What she's saying is whatever it is that you CAN still do- be happy and find joy in that, and stop getting down on yourself for not being "more" than you are today.

    Even God took one day off.

    I can't go on camping trips with my husband and son, but I am sure he will remember the times we lie back on my big, comfy bed each evening to read together just as much. Our home may no longer be the large, elaborate palace it was when I worked myself into exhaustion, but this smaller place is our cozy cottage, and has brought us closer together.

    I was in Cabelas yesterday and couldn't get my cart thru the racks to look at things, and thought about how frustrating it must be for those in wheelchairs to shop. Maybe if my pain didn't force me to lean on that cart I would never know the frustration others feel. I have every intention of going back and addressing the matter with the store manager.

    My thoughts are really that I was given this constant pain to deal with so that I would slow down long enough to realize some things. I am not who I "used to be", but maybe that wasn't who I was "meant to be".

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