We are slaves to our biochemistry.

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    Hi all,

    Since we had some posts about the role of Dopamine or SSRI's I had some thoughts on biochemisty :)

    I think that in the end we are slaves to our biochemistry. Biochemistry of course can be influenced by behaviour, exercise, social interaction etc. but in the end biochemics are much stronger.

    Here's an example:

    Patient goes to doctor: "I'm depressed."
    Doctor: "I'll prescribe you some SSRI's and send you to an psychologist."

    The serotonin gets boosted and that person will get happier UNLESS the SSRI's don't work. No offense to anyone but no matter what loser someone is an increase in Serotonin will make him feel better although if his depression is still caused by his behaviour or environment.

    Unfortunately only very few doctors notice that it could be vice versa, what if serotonin gets depleted not because the person has psychological problems but because an illness like CFS uses up the Neurotrasmitters?

    The medical field reached a border. Bad doctors are not aware that illness can cause psychological symptoms. Illnesses in fact can change personality (that happens with CFS and many other illnesses that interfere with biochemics) because they mess up brain chemistry. Ever wondered why drugs make people feel so happy? Because they manipulate brain chemistry.

    Show us the best psychologist or the happiest person in the world and inject them with a good dose of reserpine (antipsychotic that forces serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline to leak out into the cytoplasma where it gets rapidly inactivated by monoamine oxidases). THIS WILL LEAD TO ALL LONG LASTING DEPLETION of those monoamines. During the first days they maybe will cry sometimes until they get lethargic, suicidal and ultra depressed. Keep up the resperine and there is NO WAY that these two persons will recover and beat their depression with psychology etc.. Chemics beat behaviour! Let them do sport, let them eat all the foods with neurotransmitters or precursors as long as they get their daily reserpine they are lost! In the end we are slaves to our brain chemistry. You don't believe me? Then read this:

    "Mr. A was a healthy, extraverted, very well functioning 21-year-old medical student without even minor psychological difficulties or psychiatric disorders in his family. His Global Assessment of Functioning Scale score was 97. Written informed consent was obtained from Mr. A. We will describe the spontaneous reported subjective experiences after he started the first dose of 750 mg AMPT at t=0 hours (1).
    After 7 hours, Mr. A felt more distance between himself and his environment. Stimuli had less impact; visual and audible stimuli were less sharp. He experienced a loss of motivation and tiredness. After 18 hours, he had difficulty waking up and increasing tiredness; environmental stimuli seemed dull. He had less fluency of speech. After 20 hours, he felt confused. He felt tense before his appointment and had an urge to check his watch in an obsessive way.
    After 24 hours, Mr. A had inner restlessness, flight of ideas; his ideas seemed inflicted, and he could not remember them. He felt a loss of control over his ideas. After 28 hours, he felt ashamed, frightened, anxious, and depressed. He was afraid that the situation would continue. At that time, blepharospasm, mask face, and tremor were noted. After 30 hours, he was tired and slept 11 hours. After 42 hours, he had poor concentration. In the next hours, he returned to normal.
    The striatal-to-nonspecific binding ratio was 27% higher after Mr. A took AMPT compared to the baseline situation, indicating severe acute dopamine depletion (1)."

    In my eyes depression can even prevent suicide through its nature. It slows down brain chemistry so much that the person is not able to follow his will anymore. He becomes too depressed to actually take action. Of course this is only true for a minority, the will to live is very strong and many times things look much worse than they are. So when a drug like Cymbalta is made responsible for having caused suicide (this is very important in my eyes) in some patients then NOT because it caused the suicidal thoughts in the first place. Cymbalta and many other drugs can activate brain chemistry and out of a sudden a person who has been depressed for a long time or had suicidal thoughts but always lacked the impetus now has the energy to do so. He had to be suicidal before he took the drug! The depression took away his impetus and Cymbalta gave it back.

    In my eyes we have two causes for depression:

    1) psychological cause -> causes brain to reduce output of Neurotransmitters -> person gets depressed because of his behaviour and/or his environment

    Solution: Treat the psychological cause, give some SSRI's and visit a psychologist who gives you advice on how to live correctly.

    2) illness -> causes brain to reduce output of Neurotransmitters -> person gets depressed because of an illness that leads to a lack of Neurotransmitters

    Solution: Treat the illness!

    I don't know why they don't put more effort into Dopamine but I think one reason is that bad concentration (a symptom of low dopamine) or fatigue or low social interaction or poor memory or poor libido etc. are very unthankful symptoms. We don't have large scale tests for dopamine but EVERYONE knows people who are not very intelligent, don't have many friends, are fatigued etc. and we consider that as normal, we don't look for Dopamine in their brains ALTHOUGH low Dopamine could definetly be the cause for some of the problems.

    We have losers and winners in this world and life mabye would be much more boring without it but did we ever think about the possibility that if we restore the brain chemistry of that kid in school who was so stupid that we had some good laughs over him maybe would be as clever as us or even a genious? Family and effort and will of course play the most important role in development but just imagine, when we are born every human gets to sit behind a race car and drive the race of his life. In the beginning we are novices, we have problems to shift gears to steer and get control over the car. But we put effort into this race, we learn, we improve, we concentrate on the race, we develop discipline, we overtake people who are too lazy in this race and this is perfectly fair. People who work hard deserve to be winners while people who are lazy deserve to be losers.
    They great betrayal in life in my eyes is that doctors and everyone else tell us that we all have about the same chances. You can make it to the top if you work hard for it and we have have our strenght and weaknesses. The problem is that some of us got equipped with bobby-cars while others got equipped with Porsche, Mercedes or BMW. Those bobby-car people will never ever have a chance to compete with the others.
    If someone has cancer or AIDS or other sever illnesses it is well accepted that these people cannot compete with the others. However if they can't diagnose or measure your illness you are considered as normal or healthy. Someone who has low dopamine, will not be able to concentrate in school, he will not visit university or college he will become a loser but that's ok, we accept it. We can't be all that clever :)

    There are 5 ways of neurotransmission that all interfere with Neurotransmitters or their effect:

    1) Biosynthesis
    2) Storage in the presynaptic neuron
    3) Stimulation or inhibition of release
    4) Modification of linking to the receptor
    5) Rate of inactivation

    Psychotropic drugs have very simple working mechanisms. They work for a lot of people but there is absolutely no guarantee that they work for all of us. We have these 5 ways where things go wrong and as long as we don't have relialbe tests for them biochemistry in our brain continues as a problem of diagnosis and treatment.

    As I said in the end we are slaves to our biochemistry. If the science field would start accepting this as a fact we would have gained some ground :)

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