We are the canaries in the mine

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  1. Solstice

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    Do you remember hearing how the miners used to tell if the air was too toxic in a mine for them to be working in there? They would put a canary in there to see if it survived. If it didn't then they knew that it would be too toxic for them to work in there.

    I know there are so many possible causes of FMS and CFIDS. But do you ever think that we are this way due to all of the chemicals in our lives...........our air, our food, our water, and those damn medications we take.

    I think our bodies must be more sensitive than most to these chemicals, but it seems more and more people will be affected by our increasingly polluted planet.

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  2. kadywill

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    think that the toxins we ingest, use or are surrounded by cause this syndrome or at least contribute to it. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and am on a very low histamine/ no preservative/additive/colorings/chemicals diet. At this point, there are more foods I can't eat than foods I can, but I have to give this a try. I had to give up my beloved chocolate, as well as eggs, strawberries, nuts, any prepared food or mixes, ketchup, tea, coffee, tomatoes,citrus fruits, margarine,a lot of spices, bleached flour/cornmeal and other things I can't recall at the present time. . I am just glad I stopped all my Diet Cokes months ago (due to the dangers of aspartame) because it would've been REALLY hard to give up my soft drinks AND chocolate at the same time. I am going to try to find safe household products and personal hygiene products as well, but right now it's what I ingest I'm concerned with. I stopped all my supplements since I didn't know what all MIGHT be in them and I plan to talk to my pharmacist about my Rx meds. next week. It's a chore. You wouldn't believe all the foods with additives, preservatives and food colorings in them!!!!! I don't know if I'll find a place that bakes bread that is "legal" on this diet and I just have to have some bread; this old-fashioned rolled oats I'm eating is not nearly as tasty as the packets of apple and cinnamon oatmeal is and I'll need something to substitute for it now and then!!!!! LOL
    Chemicals are everywhere. My husband sprayed insecticide on our outdoor plants and shrugs today and sprayed the basement to prevent insects/fleas. We use flea killer on our cats because they are house cats and STILL get fleas BADLY. I don't know how to live with or without these chemicals.
    Good thread!
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  3. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    Spacee, it seems our consumerism is getting the best of us. I am at the point of believing that less is more. When I was a young adult, it was my goal to be self sufficient and have few "things". But somehow over the years, I have gotten cuaght up in it like everyone else. Now I wish I had not. I got the sickest after moving into our newly built house.............so many chemicals outgassing from the things used in the house.

    Kady, Glad to hear that you are becoming more aware of the chemicals in the things we typically use daily. Sounds like you are on the right track. You might want to ask your husband to not spray with the chemicals in the house at least. And if he does, you should probably not be there for at least a day or two so that you are not exposed as much to it.

    You both might want to read a book which I am about to start. It is call Ishmeal. It has to do with how our lifestyle is killing us slowly, and how we need to return to a sustainable lifestyle for our health and the health of the planet. I'll let you know more about it as I get into reading it.

    Thanks for your responses. Would love to hear from others about this.

  4. Mikie

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    When we are having a Red Tide problem here before it is announced on the news. We are so sensitive to toxins. The news didn't report the Red Tide here until dead fish had been washing ashore and by then, the Red Tide had been here for weeks. It usually is here and gone fairly rapidly. I think they didn't want to disturb the tourism industry which is our main source of income here.

    The Red Tide has lasted weeks and made me very sick for about a month. It has let up, but the effects have killed manatees and is starting to make local pets sick.

    Red Tide is a natural neurotoxic pollutant from algae blooms which dry and are carried by the breezes inland. At least it isn't caused by human greed and/or stupidity.

    Love, Mikie
  5. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    But, as I've said before every time this idea comes up, there are holes in the logic large enough to drive a truck through.
    Who gets the sickest when a toxin, chemical, flu germ, or any other poison is loose in society? Babies and old people, not middle-aged females.
    Fibro was written about as early as 1430, way before all these chemicals were invented.
    I am not saying chemicals are good....Heck no! I am a raving tree hugger!
    I am just saying I need a good explanation of how this could be our problem.
    I would be willing to buy the idea that something is wrong with us so we don't excrete the normal toxic load everyone has as fast as we should, but would need to see proof.
    I think it's far more likely that the chemical sensitivity we have is a consequence of the TH2 side of our immune system being turned on all the time, so that our system overreacts to chemicals.
    The proven fact that our TH2 functions are in overdrive does not explain HOW they got that way, so we are still back to not knowing the root cause.
    Just my two cents,

    P.S. Ishmael is a wonderful book!

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  6. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    and it does make sense what you are saying.

    I guess what is happening is that we are predisposed to being sensitive to the chemicals. Not that the chemicals are the root cause. I do think there is heriditary factor.

    However, if certain people are predisposed to the chemical sensitivities, as we are, I think there will be more and more people affected (those who are predisposed) and probably affected to a greater degree than in the past due to the increase in pollution. Do you think this makes sense?

    haven't started Ishmael yet. Actually I just ended up giving to someone as a birthday gift, so I will have to buy another one! I do look forward to reading it. Glad you liked it Klutzo


  7. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I also think we are the only animal stupid enough to keep on shi*ing where we eat.
    We don't seem to "get" it that we are a part of nature and can't live without the rest of it.
  8. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Middle Aged Females? I am a male with FM and there are a zillion others. I think it is a fallacy that this is a women's disease.

  9. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    Thank you for this info; I will try to find Brewer's yeast with garlic.....
    It HAS to be better than that junk that's made the cats and their owner sick!
  10. vix

    vix New Member

    well possibly,Lindane as a cause for breast and pectoral cancer is well documented, (try to only eat organic chocolate as lindane is still used in many third world countries where coco beans are grown). It is probable that high levels of polution and toxins would poisin our systems. I however do believe there could be other triggers and am conviced there is a genetic link, well in my family anyway.I always think about women such as Elizabeth Barrat Browning, the 19th century poet and how she was ill for much of her life with what might well have been FM or CFS and all those other victorians taking to their beds, and how I used to think them silly and weak, FM kind of makes you feel really humble!Any way FM and CFS might have been around for millenia, triggered by child birth trauma or natural toxins but it is logical to suppose that with rising polution the percentage of people effected would also rise.thanks
  11. layinglow

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    Those miners paid attention to the canaries....When they became ill and quit singing, action was taken.

    I feel like a limp bird in a cage, and no one is taking notice, or action.

    LL--Tweety gone sour