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    How about the smell of spring. We will be smelling different smells, at different times as we are from different areas.
    Right now, for me it's the rain..instead of snow..which we can't smell..well, actually, we can't smell the rain, we smell the wet, cement, dirt, not sure why that smell is a good thing for me..but I like to say..ahh, smell that rain. (Haven't seen my first Rainbow yet this year)

    If your remember a sound, or just heard a sound, post that too. :) And who is smelling what beautiful spring time smells. No flowers here yet, or apple blossoms. Soon though.

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    I have loved horses all my life, have wanted one all my life. Had the chance to ride though. I used to rent a horse from a family, they took me riding..not like any trail riding on vacations..we rode! Oh what great memories of that black horse..wonderful. I LOVE the smell of a horse..doesn't have to be spring. Whenever I get around a horse, I take in the smell of it's body, even it's breath. I have no idea where this love for a horse came from, but I know I've loved them since I was a kid. Watched all the movies..Fury, Black Beauty, Flicka, The Black Stallion. Read all the books on horses. I always say, if I could have a horse in my back yard...I would...lol..and you would laugh if you could see what a horse would have for a living area..not near big enough.

    I know this isn't the post for hearing..a spring sound..but, we had our very first spring thunderstorm. I really enjoy the sound with the rain. It was a thunderstorm that stayed up high, and ran across the sky instead of from ground to sky. Best kind! The sound of it was distant, also the best kind. :)

    I can just see your horse now..trying to roll. Doesnt' it go...they are worth $50.00 each half a roll...$100.00 dollars each whole roll over? Something that I heard here in the west. Just a fun way of watching horses I guess. Say the horse rolled over completely 3 times..that 300 dollars..plus they did three half rolls..that's another 150 dollars...so, it would be worth $450.00. Funny. Next time one of your horses is rolling, you will have to tell us what it is worth. Lucky you, horses!

    I also love the smell of the ground/earth when I plant.

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    I know the tongue thing.lol
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    That was so much fun reading about the different ways the horse and Pone Devil rolled. You caught their personalities perfectly, Rain. So happy to see your joy in the spring!

    I never knew horses stuck out their tongues when they were happy!

    Doz - I always wanted a horse when I was young.... and older. They are so beautiful.

    Enjoying the fresh air - being able to open the windows to breathe the clean goodness of it.