We don't need to make excuses...try to find the good in it.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by halo52208, Mar 31, 2006.

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    I no longer take the trip into town(50min drive) on days before I have to work. I have to save all my energy for work.

    We don't need reasons or excuses for missing a party or have to leave early. I don't care if they are not understanding to our illness. Would they question why a cancer patient left a party early? NO!

    My husband is slowly learning that if I don't want to go, he goes without me. He knows that I can't predict how I am going to feel.

    Don't ever feel guity for not making it somewhere or someplace. Because if you were meant to be at those places, then God will see to it that you feel good enough to go. Remember, sometimes when you don't think he is answering your prayer, he is, just not the answer you wanted.

    Sometimes I think that God has these illnesses in our lives to slow us down, and to notice our surroundings.

    Example: Your normal and you have a busy life. Running here and there. Work work work, chores, errands and don't have no time for family. The next thing you notice is your children are graduating and gone. What did you savor from their childhood? Nothing or just a couple memories.

    Now, your who we are now. FM, CFS, MS ect. We can't rush here and there and have to take our time. Yes, we want to be normal. But think about the memories you got to treasure because you were stuck home with your children while they were growing up.

    I for one, would have missed so much, if I wasn't home with them. I can only work part-time and even that is hard. But I feel lucky for several reasons. I know there is a lot of you guys that are home bound and hurt to much to even leave the house. That's why I know I need to appreciate it. But it gives me more time with my kids, by being home. Yes we may have to enjoy them while suffering pain, but think about the normals who don't get to see much of their kids.

    If God gave me a choice to have a pain free life but have to miss spending time with my kids and the ones I love. Or have the pain and get to see the kids and the ones I love more. I'm afraid that I would have to choose the pain. Even if I had to live in a wheel chair.

    Love is priceless. Please don't lose sight of that. We have to give up a lot to compromise our pain levels. But try to find good things in it. And know that you are doing the best you can and that will just have to do.

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    the don't make excuses for your illness. I learned that.

    However. I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years. I have enjoyed watching and playing with my children.

    But this disease that god so graciously gave me to slow me down has made it so I don't get to get on the floor and tickle my girls. I don't get to let them play beauty parlor with me because I can't sit up for a long time. I don't get to walk them to the park. I can't even walk up the stair to tuck them in at night anymore.

    Yep it has slowed me down. But now I can't even bend down to smell the flowers anymore.

    Sorry guess that came out alittle bitter. Not having a good year..

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