We gave blood today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by daylight, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. daylight

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    Crazy me has been wanting to donate blood for a long time now but I didn't know if they would take me with MCTD . They did. All they cared about was if I was taking certain meds on their list. And of course I'm not because i'm allergic to everything. lol. We are so glad to be able to give blood again. =) Even my pain in the rear husband was persuaded into donating .
    So today turned out to be a good day. It first started off with my daughter being able to get her eyes checked today . She has medi-cal and they are doing away with the dental and vision coverage as of July 1 st . . So this really was a miracle that someone had cancel at the very same time I call to make an appointment for her . If that hadn't happened she would have been placed on a waiting list at the very last week of this month. It was truly a God thing here! Also getting my husband to donate blood Wowee. This man has been terrible all morning and God changes his heart to do this. However he's still being a royal pain in the rear. I'm just hoping that the lack of blood will cause him to go to sleep. hehe.

    Anyways know we know that I can give blood without much trouble. I did get a little light head but nothing major. I'll be back to give again in 2 months.
    So everyone who can Give Blood! Please. We need it so very much.

  2. jole

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    I don't think anyone with FM/CFS can donate blood. At least I couldn't. They said anyone with an immune disorder was not allowed to donate, and thanked me for telling them.

    If there were any way of passing this on to anyone else, I certainly would not want to be responsible....and don't know if they've decided that or not, but won't take that chance.

    Just want to say, be careful and ask before donating if you aren't sure. Was good of you to do that! And great that your hubby also donated...and your daughter got her eyes checked. Yes, God does answer prayers, doesn't He?? Have a good day! ***Jole***
  3. Pippi1313

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    3 years ago, I had to receive an emergency blood transfusion.

    As I laid there in my hospital bed, I looked at the container of blood, hanging from the IV pole. I watched the blood in the IV line, where it entered my body, & I just marveled at what a miracle that was.

    I wondered about the person who donated the blood. I wondered what kind of person he or she was.

    I wished there was some way that person could know that his/her blood was saving my life at that very moment...

    Thank you, for donating blood!
    Thank you, to everyone who has, or who ever will donate blood!!!!!

  4. bigmama2

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    your heart is in the right place- and that is wonderful that you are a caring and giving person.

    however- i have to say- it concerns me that anyone who has serious health problems who donates blood could be passing along some bad stuff to others. i dont know, but its something to think about.

    healthy people should donate blood.

    take care,
  5. daylight

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    as your not taking certain drugs or in poor health (sick). I was worried about that too as I have several autoimmune diseases and copd but they do a very good screening first and by law also have to screen all blood for all kinds of problems. So if they do get blood that has a diseased like hep c or aids (extra,extra) it gets disguarded. I feel pretty strongly about donating myself because of the large shortage of blood . But it is a personal choice and not everybody is comfortable doing it.

    Its also possible that my RD is going to read me the riot act. lol But I'm A+ blood type and it's much needed. I wish that I could give platelets but they say my veins are to weak .
    I won't lie to you today I've been very tired and weak but I'd still do again as long as I can safely.
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