We go to court on Tuesday

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    We have a court date Tuesday in Tampa This is our first court date as we have already been turned down twice which was to be expected. All documents are in ordr and we should have no trouble getting the ssi. Geneva's age, other illness'es,
    and trainability due to the fibro will definitly play a big part.
    This court date was expedited because I wrote the court a letter stating our need for more medical treatments and testing. this brought our courtdate to six weeks from the time we appealed it as opposed to at least a year.
    My question is can I ask the judge to give us an answer on tuesday? So we may at least ease our minds and figure out what to do next. I know this has been done on certian occasions. Also how long does it normally take to get an answer and to get your first check. Please reply. Thanks Dave and Gee
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    I should prefice by saying I don't have an answer for you but I too have been waiting for two years and still no court date. The last time I talked to the lawyer he said maybe around August (who knows?). But I did want to tell you that I will be praying for you tuesday and if you hear anything please let us know. I know how difficult it has been for you and draining emotionally,mentally, physically and monetarily. God be with you and make the judge wise and grant you some good news. All my best God Bless overwhelmed..Pat
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    Hi david , my neighbor just went through this and the judge approved his case .His will take 30 -60 days before he will get his check. I'll keep you in prayer .God bless Danisue.P.S. I think that you may ask the judge any questions you like but if he has all your records you may not need to.
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