We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Hobbes.

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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    He had been ill for some time with a tumour but managed it
    with painkillers etc.

    However he took a turn for the worse and i had to call in the

    Hobbes was a such a good dog and so loved.

    Whoever reads i will be grateful if u send up a prayer for dear

    Thank you

    God Bless
  2. windblade

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    I am so sorry to hear about Hobbes - just finished reading your longer post on the Porch. I had tears suddenly come - then smiled at your making a face at him and his big doggy eyes responding.

    Said a prayer for this precious friend of yours - I remember your daughter named him 'Hobbes BigBottom'. I could picture him from how you described him. Yes, I believe firmly that our dogs and cats continue life. I've heard many Near Death Experiences described when a beloved cat would come meandering towards it's human friend, or a dog eagerly running, along with angels and family members to welcome to the next life.

    I long for my dog still - I got her when she was a puppy when I was 14. We were so close! You know many of the hard times I went through growing up, and my Pookie would do things like gently chew on my nose to make me laugh when I was in such emotional pain. She had such deep compassion, and brought me so much comfort! She lived a good 15 years, then her kidney's failed. I had to make the decision myself, and bring her to the Vet alone, but begged to stay with her until the end. And I did.

    That bond of love is a sacred one, I believe. Their hearts are so huge, loyal and generous. That love won't be lost forever.

    Praying especially for dear Hobbes to have all his favorite treats, and run hard and long, and experience sweet vitality again. Precious doggie!
  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Trust the loving kind soul you are to understand totally. The bond
    between your loving Pookie and you - how strong it must have
    been! How wonderful!

    Thank you for your sweet words. The house seems empty without
    Hobulus Bigbottom, (you remembered!) but from experience i know
    the pain lessens and lessens until there are only sweet memories

    The Divine is loving in that way.

    I think Hobbes was sent to us for us to learn unconditional love. Both
    giving and receiving.

    He did his part and it was time for him to move on..to experience
    unbounded joy. I dont grudge him that..every sentient being deserves
    to be in a place of only joy love and light. And Hobbes was such a good
    good boy. He deserved the best.

    Julie over at the Porch just mentioned about an alternative therapy called
    'oil pulling'. Some of the comments on utube are rather encouraging.
    Maybe you could try? It is supposed to be a powerful de toxifier. And
    who doesnt need that?

    Also ive found Dr Shas utube. His is also healing from the Divine. I just
    love his song of "I love my heart and soul'. Listen to it as much as i can.


    as with all healings its prudent to first ask the Divine for protection frm
    negative energies and entities trying to come and find a home in your

    soul song


    God Bless

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yes, guess its not easy to contemplate.

    Funny how one never thinks of the day one has to say goodbye
    when one brings someone home to love and be part of your

    Then you just feel so much joy and enthusiasm for the beautiful
    times ahead.

    And what beautiful times Hobbes gave us. He was a big dopey
    gluttonous baby who only wanted three things in life, Food
    Play and to snuggle up against us and sleep.

    He had this big smooth rock up on the terrace which he used to
    push around the cemented floor with both paws and would bark
    at it while doing so and wagging his whole body and tail at the same
    time. What a dope.

    Never knew it was possible to love another fellow creature so much.
    I know now. Now that dopeys no longer there. He fills the house
    so loudly with the sounds of his absence. even the other dogs look
    a little lost.

    Thank you for posting Jamin. Bless your grandkids and your daughter
    and Tori with lots of love health happiness.

    God Bless

  6. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your fur kid. Sending you hugs and prayers. My husband & I have only been fur kid parents~~mostly the kind that say WOOF.
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your loving words.

    Yes, Hobbes was a gift i cherish.

    I still havent gotten over his passing. yesterday i went to

    the animal shelter and the vet there said somethng about being

    sorry he couldnt come himself to take care of hobbes and the

    tears just came. as they always do when i think of him or talk

    about him. and ive actually developed some pains in the heart

    area after we had to take the decision to euthanise him.

    before this i had health issues but never in the heart area.

    still we are all slowly healing. and heal completely we will.

    thank you for your thoughts

    God Bless
  8. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    I really am sorry about Hobbes, and I know you are still feeling badly.

    I had to put my first Rottie down in April 2010, and I still miss her so much. Also, a special kitty I had to have euthanised over 20 years ago--still miss that love bug!



  9. rainbow11

    rainbow11 New Member

    Spring: must have been a reason I decided to check the message boards today... "got a little message".... I have been mia for quite some time, busy with life, fracking, whatnot.

    Yes, most definitely have said some prayers for your little Hobbes, and for you.. so difficult to lose our little four legged friends who are such a part of our families.

    Blessings to you and to all the animal lovers out there who take such good care of the wonderful four leggeds.... (and the 2 legged ones, too * meaning our bird friends)...

    I know your little Hobbes is in a better place now, and his spirit will stay with you, and I know he is so grateful for all the love and care you gave to him.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Freida - thanks for sending your caring thoughts this way, appreciate
    them so much and praying for your health too

    Georgia - im happy you had Rottie and your little lovebug to love and
    enjoy their companionship. Thanks for writing in. I know you as a dog
    mamma know what its like

    Rainbow - its wonderful to hear from you; been thinking of you and
    praying too. Thank you for your loving words; i remember all those
    little critters you delighted in caring for...

    God bless you all

  11. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Spring, did you get Hobolus (?) Bigbottom from the Shelter originally? His name always makes me smile! It sounds like it comes straight from a British comic novel, witha tongue-in-cheek Latin pedigree. lol

    Just say if you feel like not talking about him, or if you want to reminisce. How is your son doing in missing dear Hobbes? Love your description of him pushing around the rock, and I remember how he used to sleep in the hall with his bottom and legs all up the wall. (Hobbes, not your son)

    Love what Frieda wrote about your writing powers - about your capturing the truth! That is so true, and what a delight it is to read your descriptions..... of everything!

    Jam, I was so deeply happy to hear about your improvement through acupuncture! I remember when you couldn't sit up for bridge with your friends after your operation. Then I saw your posts on the Alternative board, and was so rejoicing that your pain was reduced and you got back that part of your life again.

    Rainbow - hello dear friend! Have been thinking of you so much this past week as I've been researching Thieves Essential Oil. I remember how highly you recommended it. I'm going to try it for mold elimination.

    We had to move from the house we lived in for 21 years. Result of Hurricane Irene - the house was not remediated properly and the mold grew and grew from the basement up. We had been completely flooded that year - our landlord left standing water for 3 days.

    This July I started getting really sick with eye damage, then bleeding, then vomiting from herxing/die-off. Had to leave my home without packing anything and stay with friends.

    Now we're in a nice, sunny apartment. Lots and lots of light. We had to get rid of most of our furniture, etc. etc. But kept a few pieces, and our books. Lots of books. My thought is to use the Thieves in a special Young Living cold diffuser in the room we still have cartons in. I just need to be sure that it won't harm the wood furniture and books. And me! That I don't have a herxing reaction.

    I thought of you also this week - was reading a powerful account of a Lakota gathering in a sacred site in Georgia. The people had bought this beautiful land sensing the holiness from the sacred burial grounds. Of course I thought of you.

    Hope you and your husband are doing okay. Did you move yet?

    Blessings to everyone through our joys and trials.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So good to know your apartment gets lots of light. Its
    so important for places to have light so energy doesnt

    You have been through so much. But you have so much
    strength too. I send my healing thoughts and of prayers
    for you always.

    I am recovering slowly from Hobbes passing into the
    other beautiful place. I still am unable to stop crying
    if i think of him sometimes but it is getting better.
    How strange this attachment to him! I used to get a
    little irritated sometimes at his demands..to be let out
    or in..or the way he ALways wanted food. and how
    we all would trip over him because he shadowed us
    all the time. And then later when he started suffering
    pains and i couldnt make them go away i would cry
    out to God and rage at Him as to why Hobbes, why me?

    His tumour had appeared coupple of years ago tho
    it got uncomfortable for him only much later thank goodness.
    he would get so nauseous also. poor fellow.

    The day before he got really bad and couldnt hold his pee
    in or keep his food down was the day after i screamed
    aloud at God for teaching compassion to humans and being
    so cruel Himself. I told Him for His sake take Hobbes away
    but dont let him suffer.

    I dont know if He heard or if it was a co incidence but the day
    after was when Hobbes got so bad i had no choice but to
    call the vet.

    Thats what hurt - having to euthanise him rather than he
    leaving himself. And having to watch my son hurt while
    watching his friend pass.

    This world can be very difficult so Im actually happy my
    good Hobbes got to go earlier than us..he must be so
    happy romping around, lol. He certainly was the purest
    of us all. Not a mean bone in his body.He used to think
    he was human and wouldnt play with the other dogs;
    just smile at them, wag his tail at them but he stuck to
    us humans for all his interactions.

    Judy - it must be the resilience of youth, my son seems
    to have moved on. Of course he is busy with his college and
    friends and gatherings. That must help. We spent one
    evening together in silence just thinking of Hobbes and
    missing him. But i asked him the other day does he miss
    Hobbes and he said "oh yes, rather a lot' but his tone
    was not depressed, just accepting and strong. How relieved
    I was.

    Thank you for asking about him. I hope your dear DH is in
    good health

    take care

    God Bless

    ETA - Hobbes was given us by a family who was leaving town for good.
    They were particular all of their dogs should have good homes. The
    son a young twelfth grader came to visit Hobbes a few times before
    leaving. He just adored Hobbes and would tell us anecdotes about
    Him. How their vet would call tease Hobbes and call him 'dumbo'
    for being so dopey. How he would feed Hobbes mint candy to neutralise
    his doggy breath.How Hobbes couldnt playfight with his sister dog and
    would just go down with a loud thud as soon as she pounced on him.
    Oh many stories.

    The vet i spoke to at the shelter was a kind soul i got to know when i took stray dogs there to get neutered or treated. He is a gentle young
    man and i had wanted that someone symptahetic should help Hobbes, not
    some impersonal doctor. as it turned out the doctor who did euthanise
    also turned out to be a kind soul. You could see the sadness on his face
    when he saw us crying.

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