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    I've seen this a few times in posts and I would like your help with a question.....I hope this is not inappropriate. I've seen posts talking about the sins of the fathers being passed onto the children. But this is before Christ died for our sins. Why do so many still blame themselves? Jesus took that burden on himself. He was our scrafice. He died for our sins and the sins of our fathers. That by believeing we should not die but have ever lasting life. Sorry but this was bothering me and if it's inappropriate I will delete this. I've just seen so many posts today about the sins of the fathers and I had to say something. De
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    Let me try to help,
    I understand things sometimes inside my head, but have a hard time, getting it out with the right words.
    Your right Jesus did die for our sins. He will forgive us when we come to him and ask, and strengthen us.
    However, we have been born into a sinful world, with sinful parents, (even if they are clean and forgiven)
    We tend to inherit our parents past weaknesses and sins.
    If you look at family historys, lots of times you will notice a certain trend or repeat of behavior, being handed down. Divorce, achololic, abuse, witchcraft, rebellion, anger, just to list some, in my own family there is alot of acohol generationally, Two grandparents, father, brother, I was headed that way, but God intervened.
    Nowi'm not raising my kids like i was raised, but they still may be succepable, we have an enemy called the devil;
    he knows our weaknesses, and family patterns.
    Therefore, i pray for my children, asking that they would be protected from this i bind it in Jesus's name over my family.
    Scripture says what we bind here, is bound in heaven, and what we release is loosed in heaven.
    Modern day science might call this stuff genitics, they try to link everything to our genes and DNA anymore. Homosexuality, Alcoholic, pshychotic disorders, and maybe they are partly rights, But spiritually it's called inheriting our fathers sins. The sins of the father being past down to the sons. Being aware of it is the first step to stopping it. Replacing those sins with blessings to be passed down. And remembering that if we are christians, we are in Christ and forgiven, and God is more powerful than any other name, sickness, dissease, or sin. We no longer have to live in bondage to these family sins in Jesus's name.
    That's the best i can do, hope it dosen't upset you, if someone can explain better, please do.
    And i'm just throwing out some examples, not picking on any, i'm sure we could make a very long list if we wanted to.[This Message was Edited on 05/06/2006]
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    Hello and thankyou for that heart felt explaintion. I do understand. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of different posts I'd read. Some of these people are in so much pain and to hear them blame it on the sins of their fathers, my heart screams No. Some of us had BAD parents. My loving God did not allow my body to get RA because of that. They may have given me a genitic link to that and alot of other things, but I can't spend my days emotionally paying for what they did in their life time. I know that is not what God wants me to do. This my be over simplictic but I'm I simple person. I'm praying that all of these people feel the warmth of his love. God Bless De
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    I didn't read the post your refering too, but i do know the last thing we need with these DD is a big load of guilt.
    It sounds to me, you have a pretty healthy relationship for the Lord, and was feeling compassion for how some others were seeing the Lord.
    I had a christian friend who really had a hard time trusting God, and everytime something went wrong for her, she thought God was punishing her! Sometimes i just wanted to shake her! No! God Loves you! He Died for you!
    I did tell her those truths, but i didn't shake her!LOL

    God is on our side!
    Jer. 29:10-11
    " I know what i'm doing. I have it all planned out-- plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for." MSG
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    I think you both explained things very well, bless you!
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    Yes you understand what I'm saying and I loved your explaination. It's always good to share. I know it gives us stength. Thanks so mcuh. De
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    I hear this brought up a lot actually in biblical circles and the simpliest explanation for these verses that I have heard is that we live what we learn. That is our parents/grandparents/etc.. model certain behavior. For example, if you grew up in an abusive home, you witness abusive behavior. The cycle is often continued down through the generations. It is a cycle that is hard to break. Not to mention the emtionally effects it had on a person and how even if they don't pass on the behavior, the deal with living in that household and it may cause certain behaviors in the future or the way that they relate to people. Much like a dominoe effect. So it may take many generations of regnozing a sinful pattern and correcting that pattern or working on mental effects and having a healthier outlook before it outgrows the family line, if that makes sense.

    Hope that helps some,

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    Jump right in. I love hearing all the responces. And they have all been good. I just don't want anyone using it as an excuse for how they're feeling that day. We all have those days when we feel the need to blame something or someone. We are in pain and we don't understand why we were choosen for this. On those days it is easy to blame our family (maybe someone forgot to feed the dog), our friends who were busy and could'nt spend time with us, the gas company for being so expensive when all we want is the house 80 degrees, because we are cold and the sins of the fathers if nothing else fits. Blame gets us no where. So when I saw it so many times in different post I just wanted to know how you all felt. Thx everyone and God Bless each of you with what ever your special need my be. DE
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    I hear what you are saying and I don't know if I can explain it properly. I think a lot of stuff people are calling sins of the father are actually emotional junk that goes down the family line i.e. anger, depression etc. The only way I believe that this stuff can affect us is if we have a weakness in a certain area i.e. if you are prone to depression and you hang around people who are depressed then you will get depressed. For the stuff that our parents sinned in I believe that Jesus dealt with that on the cross and that we have the choice to believe that or continue in that sin. No body can make us sin but us. I hope I don't offend anyone but it is time we take responsibility for our lives and quit blaming every body else. I read in Job 2(I think) when Satan went before the Lord to tempt Job and the Lord gave permission. IT was such a revelation to realize that nothing happens in my life that doesn't first pass through the Lord's hand. I don't know why we have to suffer with ra but I do know that God is sovereign and has a higher purpose and HE allows sickness but certainly does not cause it. I hope I have made sense and I apologize if I have offended anyone.
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    That was a great explaination. Everyones input was well recieved by me and appreciated. We may walk different raods but we're all headed in the same direction. Thx De