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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PRC, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. PRC

    PRC New Member

    Well I guess I should start out letting you know who all have fms in our family. I have it my mother had it, my niece has it, my daughter has it also, my sister in-law has it her mom has it and we have two non-related friends who have it. Well the other day my brother was at a dr visit at his neurologist he announced that he had fms, we had no idea his regular dr who believes in fms never said anything. But one of the dr.'s that my sister in-law sees says that being around someone with fms can cause you to get it also even if they are not family. But of course you may not want to tell any new friends unless you want to keep them from gettting it.
  2. Janalynn

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    That is the first time I've ever heard of anything like that. That is likely to put us in the category of lepers - people being afraid to be around us.
    No disrespect, but that sounds a little strange to me.
  3. pattyholland

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    BUT I have to say, I am seeing more and more symptoms in my 25 yr. old and my 15 yr old...

    My 15 yr old as been to the dr. many times threw the yrs. But I never even thought about fm in him untill now.

    My 25 yr old is married now and I am starting to signs in him as well.

    I also think that 2 of my sisters have it...But they dont say much about it....

    I really hate to think that my boys will have to deal with this DD the rest of thier lives.

    i try not to complain at my pain in front of them...But even tho it is very hard sometimes.

    My 15 yr is very active...Plays on the football team (QB) & basketball team...

    He is finding it very hard to do right now.

    He comes home looking like he is about to pass out.

    and in soooo much pain.

    Going to another Dr. today.

  4. mom2many

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    You I think more and more Dr.'s are believing and DX FM now more than even and I think we all are over worked, over stressed and flat out over doing it and our bodies can't hold up to all this so when we are ran down it's easier to "caught something".

    I have a small family (outside of my own, I have 7 kids my self), only a mom, 2 aunts, 1 uncle and 4 cousins and so far only me and 1 aunt have FM but I think my mom has it also (she doesn't think so) and also think 1 cousin might have it.
  5. simonedb

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    I don't know if fibromyalgia can be related to a virus but cfs can be.
    cfs can also cause very bad pain, very bad, so sometimes people with cfs get misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia.
    so its possible you guys have cfids/cfs or m.e. and perhaps got it or gave it to/from other family members and if there is a genetic component like with addiction perhaps that explains it running in families. If you google m.e. and byron hyde etc you can learn a lot more about it.

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